under $100: bedside table decor

i’ve been sprucing up our bedroom quite a bit over the past few days. after a few months of dragging my feet, i finally got my grandad’s old railroad office desk shipped up from virginia so it kicked me into redecorating mode. since my desk is right next to my side of the bed, it serves double duty as a bedside table so i thought it would be fun to focus this week’s under $100 roundup on bedside table accessories and decor. it’s always nice to have a pretty carafe or jewelry dish bedside, so i’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces in the market right now- all under $100. hope you enjoy!

*also, just a quick programming note. i’ll be posting an under $100 roundup every other tuesday. on the weeks when i don’t post, amy azzarito will be posting her past & present design history column.

[image above, clockwise from top left: aughra bottles $28, john pomp bud vase $70, tea bowl lanterns $38+, transglass champagne dish $50, floral fields pillow shams $30, petal hand mirror $78, cable throw $49.95, flower candle coaster $0.95, gold bullet space pen $25, keel’s simple diary $13.88]

[image above, clockwise from top left: bougainvillea switch plate $24 (to add a little feminine flair to bedroom switches), love sonia feather clip $42 (for a dramatic way to keep your hair back while you read in bed), glass bird cloche $24 (for tiny bedside terrariums), low tumbler $18 (for water or wine), poem crown sachet $34, harvey nightstand $99.95, marimekko socks $29 (for cold nights), pink etched bedside carafe $18.99, derian flower tray $90]


Thank you for doing this. I love decor but I am on a budget, so these ideas are perfect!


Great post! I’m liking that little pink carafe… I collect ‘em. Thanks for sharing these great finds!


it’s nice to see an under 100 post with items items that are classy & i actually could see in my own space. great inspirations.

Janel Kaden

I know Anthropology carried the hanging glass lantern…(which doubles as a cascading flower vase) do not put it outside…as the candle holder will rust and break. Love it!