The Perfect Day

little gardening in the morning. the chilies are doing so well. i cut some flowers from the front yard and watered the garden while he was still sleeping.

we stopped at in-and-out for lunch on the way to the beach. i always get a grilled cheese sandwich.

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abalone cove is our new favorite beach in L.A. it’s very rocky and cozy.

on the way back we stopped by at some thrift stores. i found a vase for 95 cents and brad got some books.

dinner at pizzeria Mozza. i dressed up for the special date.

summery shrimp and mango appetizer and rose wine. i had yummy artichoke and olive pizza. finished with strawberry, pistachio, espresso gelato. it was the perfect day.

Mally Skok

Just loved your perfect day, its my perfect blog to read, more pics than written content, suits the ADD Interior Designer brain to a tea!


This day does sound fab! I love In & Out burger- I would move to LA just for it (I’m in Boston). Also, love your date night outfit!


oh lordy, even just hearing the words “pizzeria mozza” make me think of the buttescotch budino. hands down best dessert in LA.


oh, i never make it to dessert at mozza – i’m always so full from eating way too much delicious pizza! next time i will have to save room.


Oh I miss the beach! And I love that dress. I need a cute summery dress like that.


don’t you love in-n-out’s secret menu? I always get a double-double protein style :)


aaarrrrggghhh!!! you are making me miss LA so much! Especially Mozza!!
FAB outfit, btw!


hi jeana! i read your regular blog, and i’ve always been charmed by all your little vegetable garden.

can you share how you manage to build one? how big is your yard? where do you get your seeds? or do you start with baby plants instead? have any special tips?

i’m interested because i live in west la too (westwood), and it just seems really hard to find the space to do any of these things. thanks!

jeana sohn

you don’t need a big space for a veggie garden. you can always plant them in pots. – many of mine are in pots. just make sure they get lots of sun and enough water. i usually buy baby plants except lettuce. i wish i could give you special tips but i’m a beginner as well. good luck with your garden!

kelly cunningham

is it me or is the burger pic supposed to be a happy face? i hope it is because i keep sending it to all my freinds as in …”this is hilarious”

i love it, its going on my fridge.