the new saipua

yesterday amy merrick and i hopped in a bright red zipcar and jetted across town looking for craft supplies to style a photoshoot for house beautiful magazine (click here for a sneak peek of the shoot). after visiting michael’s in queens and ikea, we headed to our ultimate destination: the new saipua in red hook.

i’m a massive, massive fan of saipua (and owners sarah and eric) and was so thrilled to not only visit the shop, but get to use the gorgeous new space as a backdrop for the shoot. after we finished the work part of the day i took a few minutes just to sit at gawk at the new space. designed by architect jeremy barbour of tacklebox, the new space feels like walking into the most beautiful weathered wooden box you’ve ever seen. every corner holds some beautiful surprise tucked into a wooden cubbyhole and the smell of saipua soap fills the air.

if you’re in the nyc area, the brand new shop will officially open its doors this saturday, august 22nd. if you are in town i highly suggest heading over and checking things out (and then grabbing a sweet treat at baked and something pretty from erie basin on the way out). until then, click here to check out the new images on sarah’s blog (and here to check out more photos on jeremy’s site) congrats to sarah and eric on their gorgeous new shop! [all images from saipua]


WOW! I love this space!
All those nooks are a great way to create a special personal experience…not to mention a great place to display collections and finds!

:) Thanx for sharing


What an amazing space!! So artfully designed and styled, and the flower arrangements are just–sigh.

I’m freaking out a little over that alligator soap dish? salt cellar? in the last photo.


what a job you girls have! that sounds like so much fun! it’s an amazing space. i long to go.


I could sit in a space like that for hours! You made it so inviting… the fabric on that chair is fantastic!


Beautiful! I love when spaces use old wood. We kept the original wooden floor in our gallery and it’s probably the feature that gets us the most comments.


oh great! this little area is beginning to be one of my brooklyn favs… i am a big fan of baked and tiburon which are both RIGHT THERE too! thanks for this cool new store to check out!


how lovely! congrats on new space!! sarah, where did you score the fabric on the bamboo chair?

Eliana Tomas

i love corners. they’re that beautiful and cosy space i need to myself. space to retreat in and with my thoughts. just beautiful.


Absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on the new shop!

I was about to comment that the shop doesn’t look like it belongs in NYC until I looked Red Hook up on a map (I’m from California, so the name means nothing to me! ). And here I was thinking it was a trendy new little neighborhood next to Brooklyn or something. Ha!


beautiful old wood, and amazing space! I would not have guessed it was a new shop. That is magic, to make something look like it has
been around for a while.


the chair fabric is the original Bark cloth….the alligator is a little dish that says “Florida” on the inside. maybe an ashtray. i’m like really into Floridian stuff these days. yeeeow!
thanks for your kinds words everyone!


Congratulations Sarah! I’ve been meaning to stop by to thank you for enhancing my wedding with your talent…now I absolutely have to!


The space is great – love the first photo! The little green dresser is great! Well done Sarah!