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sneak peek: lynda gardner

by anne

brace yourself now – what you’re about to see is completely gorgeous and swoon worthy. for our final sneak peek of the day we’re venturing down under to a lovely small town about an hour and a half outside of melbourne in the lovliest little town. the house is an old miners cottage and built in the 1850s and is home to lynda gardner of empire vintage. lynda opened her shop over 15 years ago after working many years as a visual merchandiser for levi strauss. now she runs her own shop which is filled to the brim with beautiful collections that she personally finds. during the 1980s the house was given a complete make-over where all the original features were taken away. so when lynda stepped in to renovate, she stepped it up a notch, and pulled everything out to start again. so don’t miss the full peek below -with additional images here – to catch all the great touches lynda’s put into this gorgeous home. [thanks, lyn!]anne
p.s. if you ever find yourself in melbourne, check out a vintage outing – a group that lyn is part of which gives tours of melbourne’s great vintage stores while riding in style in a vintage fiat.

[above: the lounge area that was previously a bathroom. I added the fire place and recycled all the bricks found from in the back garden.  the ceiling I also used recycled wood from an ex factory. all the furniture are 1930’s and 40’s original furniture that I had recovered.  I used industrial lighting throughout most of the house and added all my favorite collections.]

one of the bedrooms, the feature here is that the room has two windows, on which I added doors (old recycled) and turned them into shutters.  the gorgeous industrial light was found at a market.  table next to the bed features a 1960s lamp and a collection of old books.  I used Porters Paints which has a very old flat feel in a donkey grey…the paint is made to leave natural streaks and marks….I love it.

the first photo, is of the bathroom, which has been dramatically changed. the original one had a corner spa bath and the toilet sat right next to it….charming!!! I pulled the whole lot out and added a claw foot bath which is may favorite ways of relaxing….so a claw foot bath has been featured in every single renovation of mine.  the basin was recycled from an old house and once again I used doors for shutters.  I added the early french chandelier as a dramatic feature to the room. the next photo shows  a rare find….old 1930s scales and an old mirror just casually leaning on the wall.

CLICK HERE for the rest of lynda’s sneak peek (and all the images on one page) after the jump!


another bedroom…..I found the toile wallpaper and managed to find enough to feature one entire wall.  the light fittings are just oversized light globes which I love and have been casually hung with extra long lengths of wiring.  the next photo just shows an old oil painting found at a second hand store, and two old trophies now used as vases, also an old filing cabinet as the bedside table. all the linen has been hand made for each room of the house.


large lounge and dining room…..one huge room to entertain in.  I kept the kitchen very simple with open shelving and charcoal grey concrete bench tops, commercial over and recycled tapware….I had the old work bench which has now become a great central cooking station.


dinning room features a long tressle table I found in another state and dragged it back with me many years ago……it is surrounded by old office chairs from a boardroom, which are particularly comfortable….huge old extra large enamel light shades also another feature of the room. In the kitchen I added a huge blackboard to feature favorite recipies and notes.


the garden bedroom was converted from a tiny old falling apart shed.  it was transformed by adding height to a once flat roof and making pitched ceiling…creating a sense of space and light. I found the old frech doors at a salvage yard and had them put in, concrete floors and a beautiful private bathroom also were added to the space.  a small green ex army bedside table beside the bed also features favorite books and a 1960s lamp.  once again the hand made linen. all the wood once again was recycled from a salvage yard.


an old claw foot bath and reclaimed shower head from a slavage yard…..old mirrors on a wall feature as a little collection.


the next photos are from the library which was once a horrible tiny bedroom which barely fit a single bed……it now has a wall filled with real books alongside a wall of Deborah Bowness wallpaper,…this room also has a couple of leather 1930s chairs, a star light handed down as a family heirloom and a cow skin hide….a cosy place to sit opposite an open fire on the opposite wall.

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  • I love that pillow on the couch and the shag carpet. So modern and classic at the same time! Great post, thanks so much for sharing!

  • That library is killing me in the best way possible….LOVE. Gorgeous home…it looks so comfortable.

  • THANK YOU for posting all the photos on one page… I’m not a fan of click, click, click, click, click, click just to see one post. This rocks!

    • alissa

      all of our sneak peeks always have the “click here for more” option just before the jump that let you see everyone on one page. the little thumbnails are mainly for rss readers :)


  • i’m so glad you twittered this – it’s solved a problem i’ve been trying to think of a solution to – an inexpensive option for shutters for out enormous sashes. old doors – brilliant! beautiful home, one of my favourite sneak peeks ever.

  • The lighting, the furniture and the little details are all amazing. And what a renovation project this house must’ve been. I’m officially inspired!

  • Ah, ok. Looks like my RSS habits are getting in my own way! Beautiful house. I love the planked ceilings.

  • Oh, to be a guest in that garden bedroom! And the kitchen is really stunning. Job well done!

  • O MY GOODNESS! I was swept away by each room. When I saw the library, I gasped! Antiques and timeless classics styled in a simple and modern way…this is my dream home! Seriously, my new favorite!

  • too, too much! it is so, so good.
    that bathroom, that kitchen, that library,
    the light fixtures, and the brilliant door shutters – opulent, yet spare. amazing.

  • I’m italian, and I have no (english) word enough to show my admiration!!! Beautiful
    Una casa fantastica, meravigliosa, bellissima nella sua ricercata semplicità!

  • LOVE this house. The industrial lights, the soothing colors, the amazing bathrooms, the little details (green side table, trophy vases, handmade linens -love it all! Except…. the wallpaper in the library? Why? Why not just have real books lining the whole room? Or a collection of great pictures? I’ll admit, I’m a bibliophile, but faux books wallpaper seems a little too high school theatre.

  • I love the bathroom and it’s much like mine tub included, which is my next repainting/redecorating project. Is the outer tub color the same as the floor or black? I’d not thought about going dark on the tub to match the floor, but I love it! And love the whole house, too!

  • Wow! If I ever end up living in a place even half this nice I would be thrilled. The dark wood mixed with white walls or ceilings is stunning, and you obviously have a great eye for organizing a space so it feels natural yet graceful. This is definitely my favorite sneak peak so far.

  • This place is AMAZING. Yes, I’m swooning. All except for the library. It feels so dark and clastrophobic compared to the rest of the house. hmmm.

  • this is absolutely beautiful! I adore the reuse and numerous vintage originals incorporated into each room.
    Your half real half Wp library has inspired be to find a carpenter and create this beloved space in my atrium!
    I thank-you so kindly for sharing your amazing living space with us.

  • I am in love with the chandelier in the bathroom. Who doesn’t want a ittle bit of Luxury whilst soaking in that beautiful tub. Just perfect.

  • The house is gorgeous! Any chance you could share where/from whom you got that wonderful rabbit under the bell jar on the library side table? Thank you!

  • It’s such a gorgeous house. I adore the spa-like atmosphere of the bedroom. It’s odd though, there’s no storage anywhere. No bureaus, chests, dressers, armoires….that sort of thing. It’s all bed chair chair chair table table table chair chair chair table table table. No other furniture!

  • Beautiful home! I love the look of the Porters paint. As I understand it, though, it’s not available in the US. Does anyone know of anything comparable available in the US?

  • Such a beautiful home. I am completely in love with the industrial elements, especially the lights!

    Scott, the town is Daylesford in Victoria, Australia.

    Michelle, I’m pretty sure the ottoman is from Town and Country Style on Hight Street in Armadale, Melbourne.

  • Scott, I woudl hazard a guess that it´s either Daylesford, Hepburn Springs or Castlemaine.
    Wow. And good on you for pulling out what must have been a revolting spa bath and putting in a claw foot.
    And like the others, I long for that garden bedroom. Mmmmmm

  • Does anyone know where i could find the bed skirt in the room with the toile wallpaper? love it.

  • I wanted to thank you all personally for the most wonderful comments on my country home…..you have all touched me very much!

    I am happy to help you out with any questions as I can see there are a few, the coffee table is from Town & Country Style in Melbourne, also the rabbit was a market find which my boyfriend picked up and spray painted it white!! simple and so effective.
    the house is in Daylesford as someone guessed. great guess!
    I think someone else pointed out – there are no dressers or amoires etc and you are right…there are huge big old cupboards in each bedroom, which were not photographed and in the lounge there are many big old cupboards and a huge chest of drawers, but as it is also for people to stay in, I did not need to fill it as if it was a permanent home.

    love love love all your comments

    thank you again
    big hug to Grace for making it look and sound so perfect!

    Lynda Gardener xx

  • omg!!!! i love it!!!!!!!! love it with capital L! :3 your kitchen is so great and big and the garden bedroom sooo fresh! such a great combination of rooms ! ;D

  • This is incredible!! I love all the white and the punches of color with red, black and green… And of course I love its vintage soul. Just lovely!

  • ps: I just noticed Lynda’s last name is Gardener (there’s a “e” missing on the title and that first paragraph)…. no need to post this comment, obviously! :) Just wanted to let you guys know…

  • Lynda, I seriously can not tell you how much I covet your home. From the perfect kitchen, to the rustic dining table, to the serene bedroom & bath… it’s just perfect. thank you for sharing.

  • Lynda, this is one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. And what I love about it most, is that it feels genuine, warm and tells a story about you. Just what a home should be.

    I’m Australian and have been looking for oversized light bulbs which I can hang like you have in your toile wallpapered bedroom. Any chance of sharing where I can get them from?

    Thank you x

  • WOW. I LOVE THIS. I’m saving this forever until my house lives up to this. Well, I’m 21, so until I can buy a house, and… design it.

  • Gorgeous, simple and stunning. I covet an all white house, I could live here, and I love Australia, what I have seen of it.

  • I LOVE the dining room/kitchen and the garden bedroom. The big chalkboard wall and dark cabinets look great. I love the light airyness of the bedroom. I’d have a hard time leaving bed if it was my room. The library is cool, but TOO dark for me :) What great inspiration!

  • WOW! This is beautiful it is so great to see a wonderful & different Australian home. GORGEOUS!

  • i want this house!!! i want this house!!!! lol :D seriously, SO FAR this is the only house i’ve seen (in the home blogs and sites i’ve visited) that i really want to live in. :)

    i’ve seen a lot of homes that i like and love, but this… it’s like i really want to live in it, lol :D

    the only room i didn’t fall inlove with was the library, but it was still okay for me :)

  • I bought the book ‘Design Sponge’, and I fell in love with both the bathroom and study room; I was wondering what the rest of the house looked like…mystery solved and honestly better than I had imagined it to look like. Congrats on your beautiful home :) I’ve collecedt a few ideas from the designs and set-up, of this particular home. Thank you for your post!

  • Can you tell me where you got the clawfoot tub shower fixtures form the shed bath you created??

  • A perfect mix of beautiful objects. Would you tell me where you obtained your white industrial floor lamp in the living room?