sneak peek: jutta of kootut murut


i may not be able to read jutta’s blog kootut murut, but the good news is that visual language is universal, and everything on her blog is beautiful. so we’re so pleased to have a lovely sneak peek into her home in finland. the home was built in 1956, she and her husband are the second owners of the home. since they moved in last winter they’ve been renovating little by little. the coolest part is that they’re using traditional and ecological methods and preserving as much of the old as possible. understandably they didn’t really like the ’90s white plastic-y wallpapers and the vinyl carpets, but when the carpets were removed, they found a beautiful wooden floor underneath. it’s a good reminder of what a little bit of sanding and couple coats of paint can do. click here for additional images not in the post below, and you can find more of jutta’s work (in english!) here. [thanks, jutta!] -anne

[above: Most of the stuff in the foyer are bought second-hand, from thrift stores and etsy. The green travel case and the name your poison glasses are from blue bell bazaar on etsy. I just love her shop!]


The house is a typical house built after WWII with tiny rooms and walls covered with heavy building paper. We’ve tried to preserve those features and not to make too big changes in the house. Both of us love vintage, old pieces just have so much character. For me, the best are the ones with a story, like my grandma’s desk or the little statues she got from Bali when she was young, and furniture made by Panu’s great-grand-uncle. (Can you say that? He’s the ‘s brother of Panu’s great-grandma.) And I seem to be drawn to things from the 50´s, they just fit in the house so well.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Jutta’s sneak peek (and all of the images on one page) after the jump!



A lot of the furniture is thrifted, the desk used to belong to my grandma. The reindeer antlers we found at the attic. I wasn’t sure how I felt about them initially, but after some work and a little paint I’ve started to like them. Panu cut a backdrop from wood for them so we could hang them on the wall and I painted it the same color white as the antlers.




For the walls we used Grove Garden from Osborne&Little. We made our own paste by boiling wheat flour and water. It actually kept the wallpapers up on the walls, I must admit that I was a bit worried at first. The little niche for the rack we evened out with newspaper wheat flour paste and painted it kinda dark blue/turquoise with linseed oil paint.. . a picture of me living the everyday life of a home owner :) (I have a thing for mustaches).



I really like all the different wall-coverings, both the paint hues and the wallpapers!


My mother used to keep all of those name your poison glasses in a display case. I had completely forgotten about them until seeing this post. I wonder if she still has them…


how lovely. And i own a fabric of the sheep pattern above the couch. Are they on the wall or on a mobile?


Lovely home! Where did you find the wildflower poster in Hebrew?! I would love to have one of those!


what a great house!
does anyone know the name of the style of arm chair in the second picture? it’s unlike any i have seen before. thanks!

twigs and scraps

This house is fantastic! I love the Osborne & Little paper and the botanical print in the last photo. And all of the furniture (and colors).


oh i love these photos! what are the paint colors on the first two (2) photos? repainting the house and love these colors! thanks!


Thank you all for your lovely comments and d*s for having me :)

Eva, they are on a mobile. I didn’t know there’s also a fabric.

Emily, I found it in a thrift store (in Finland:))

mackenzie, I only know of the chair that it’s from 1950’s and probably Scandinavian. I got it from Sweden.

april, the first is 7018 Meri from Uula color
and the light lavender is from Teknos color chart NCS S 2005-R10B but paint is also from Uula (INTO matt). Hope this helps.


the botanical images are so lovely…and ohh that branch in the giant glass vase is amazing!


I love the warmth and creativity of Jutta’s home. Living in a 100+ year old home I appreciate all work and repurposing that went in this house. Sadly the many layers of wallpapers in my home were in terrible condition.


beautiful. love the flowers in the galvanized jugs.

anyone know of a resource for a giant glass vase similar to the second pic?


Kauniita kuvia olet laittanut tänne.Onnittelut kutsutuksi tulemisesta.


The vase with the branch is great. So simple but such a huge impact on the room.


Maarten, I found it on ebay, it’s a 3-d anatomic cow puzzle. They sell it also on many online stores, like kikkerland, but they didn’t ship to Finland.


i love this house! it’s soo fun and cheerful. one thing i would differently is invest in a wireless mouse. other than that, super place!



Hi from Greece! What a lovely house you´ve got! Such colours and cute items! Congratulations for your taste! I just love it!


Thanks, Jutta. If you find a name anywhere on it, I’d be happy to know it.


this home, is seriously, awesome. such vibrant colors. what an inspiration <3


The giant vase isn’t a vase at all as It’s an old formic acid bottle from our grand parents generation. Formic acid was used to preserve cattle feed made from freshly cut hay. These are very common in Finland (the process is a Finnish invention) and absolutely beautiful.


where can i find the mounted white antlers featured above the computer desk?


The fabric on your chair and couch are lovely. Were these recovered – I would be interested knowing where the fabric is from.


I think the clear floor vase w/ the tree branch in it is altogether fantastic. I have been searching all over the place for one and can’t seem to find one. Any ideas? Thanks!