sneak peek: jeff bellantoni and kim westad


in our continued look at some of the homes of professors at pratt, today we have a sneak peek into the home of graduate communications design chair jeff bellantoni. he and his wife, ceramist kim westad, along with their pit-mix maddy, live in this attached 3-story 1950s brick house located in the pelham bay/country club section of the bronx. they describe their residence as consisting of mostly modern furnishings, mixed with vintage and hand-crafted pieces, and of course the required low-end but functional IKEA. click here for more, full-sized images, and you can find all our fabulous sneak peeks right here. [thanks, jeff and kim!] -anne

[above: Back Yard Patio: vintage wood/aluminum lawn rockers discovered in our Grandmother’s basement]

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Ikea leather couch that now belongs to our pit Maddy; Ikea rug; Italian decanters and Kim Westad Whirl Bowl sit on leather Inlay antique cabinet; Glass piece hanging in corner hand made by David Bellantone

Living Room: Jasper sofa from Room and Board; Vintage orange leather bench from salvage; Vintage Porcelain lamp left by previous owner; Round metal wire chair discovered in our Grandmother’s basement, painted and covered in new fabric; Takashi Murakami pillows (swag from the Pratt Legends Dinner); Charlie Harper print; Nelson ball clock


Dining Room: Basque dining table from Crate and Barrel; George Nelson Saucer Lamp; Miles leather dining chairs from Room and Board; Metal School Chair rescued from Salvage (lone chair in corner); Painting by Clint Jukkala


Hallway leading to kitchen: Subway sign; Pendant lamp-LIghts Up from Velocity; Ikea kitchen cabinets


Upstairs landing, peak into office: Joseph Muller-Brockmann poster; vintage London Underground subway map; various faucet handles; Letter G is vintage signage from 1950’s era parking garage now demolished; chair in office is an a vintage 70’s studio art chair


View from stairs into living room and front door: Pendant lamp-LIghts Up from Veolcity; two small stacked Rachael Austin paintings and photo of our old Brooklyn neighborhood are on the wall


Kitchen: vintage coffee cups on IKEA rack; Russell Wright serving piece sits on microwave; various cookbooks, etc.

shona~ lala dex press

I am so in love with te furishings in L-O-V-E with the furnishings in this S.P. and I spot 2 vintage items that I own, the orange bench and the green mug. It also reminds me that I need to find a hanging lamp for our dining room. Thanks for sharing your home.


Beautiful–I think I love every room shown here. I have been thinking about moving to the Bronx and I’m curious as to how the neighborhood is. Thanks!


Love Kim Westad’s work. I have a pendant made by her and it’s so simple. No surprise that the house is elegant and inviting.


i also spotted 2 things i own from these pics (white/blue mug and rachel austin painting.) your iron hoop chair is a standout! truly lovely home overall.


What paint color is that in the dining room? I’ve been looking for a nice minty/grey-green-


Sarah- I used to live in Pelham Bay Park in the BX and it was great- another nice neighborhood-y part is Morris Park. Great food and a really cute homey feel to it.


Thank you Design Sponge for all of the inspiration. This house is wonderful. I have been reading your blog everyday for several months now and I am an addict! Keep it up!

kim westad

thanks so much everyone!

sarah- we’re really happy in the bronx. we were able to get more space with a small yard and our house is close to the water, so i can ride my bike to orchard beach and city island. it’s a longer ride to manhattan on the 6 train, but i get a lot more reading done now : )

melissa- the color in the dining room is sparkling sage by valspar.

vintage simple

I love (and of course secretly envy) all your pendant light choices – and that subway sign is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your home.

kate b

i am LOVING these sneak peeks in pratt professors homes… why? because i’m a pratt student and its so interesting to see this personal side of the people i am learning from! what a wonderful simple yet cozy home.. lovely as usual


I have one of those Russell Wright serving pieces… I never know what to do with it. What was it used for?

Sarah C.

What a nice surprise this sneak peek was! I have a couple of kimwestad bowls from etsy and love them.

Caroline in NC

Love the wall color! Also, vintage furniture in living room.


wow—i’m in the pratt grad communications design program, so this was especially fun for me to see. thanks for sharing!


Lovely home, thanks for posting. I’m curious about the portrait in the living room – is that a painting or a print? It reminds me of Gerhard Richter. Would love to know source. Many thanks.


Sooo pretty! And I love your beautiful pit bull! She has the same goofy sit and pleading face as mine.


i love how personal this home is – but i was really thrown off by the two flower pillows on the wire chair?? they didn’t seem to fit.


Thank you for the paint color name, Kim. You have a gorgeous home!


I’d love to know about a couple of your paint selections: the green in your living room (the room w/the black leather couch) and the lavender in another room (wall w/’G’ and wall with hung mugs). Please share the colors/brands when you get a moment. Thanks!