sneak peek: diana richards and chris miller

some people live above the store. diana and chris live behind the store. literally. in order to get to their fantastic loft space, you have to walk through diana’s red hook anthem, a vintage clothing and housewares store in red hook brooklyn with a folksy americana and european vibe. so don’t miss the full peek below -including some photos of the store!  [thanks, diana and chris! and thanks to philip ficks for the lovely photos.] -amy azzarito

[The coffee table top is made from old 1940s comic books that were decoupaged together.  It’s a fun piece to have in the living area since the dialogue is so campy.  I bought it from these awesome women who run a store in LA called Revival.  They are true wizards at refurbishing old and forgotten furniture that they collect around town.   The sofa is from Ikea and has held up quite well over the years.  The neutral color serves as an easy backdrop for the pillows which came from a trip to Mexico.  The chair painting came from my family.  The scale and blue color appealed to me and worked well with the other colors in the apartment.  When we were deciding what would be hung where I leaned it against the wall and never got around to hammering in the nail.  The other bits and pieces on the back table were collected on shopping trips around LA and NYC. ]

The dining table was constructed using an insanely heavy 8’ long glass top that was left behind in the basement.  We got 3 metal table supports from Ikea and it’s now very sturdy.  The chairs came from my mom and step-dad who couldn’t use them when they moved into a smaller apartment – a huge score.  The bookshelf serves as a divider between the dining area and my dressing area/closet which is behind.  I like how the books and trinkets warm up the space and give it some more color.  The Coca-Cola sign came from my boyfriends dad who has collected all these neat metal signs over the years.


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The idea behind Red Hook Anthem is that it’s an affordable place to get one of a kind pieces with character and flavor.  I sell vintage clothing, furniture, and accessories.  I do a lot of thrifting and travelling for decorating jobs and for the store.  What I gather and take back with me are things that hopefully will give a person’s closet or a room their individuality.  There is a lot of cookie cutter design out there and it’s easy to sink into a formula.  My job is to try to cull the cool stuff from far off places and offer a one stop shop for unique accessories that will mix up the monotony.


Wow, what an incredible treasure trove this place is! The one thing that bugs me is that, although the photos are really beautifully lit, I don’t see any windows. You do have windows, right?


I love the all the little details. Especially the peach slip that hangs on the navy wall with a golden ribbon and the red hat that rests on the photo. Some real eye candy


dream house and dream shop! i love all of the colors–they are gorgeous together! i am also happy to see that ikea sofa–i have had my eye on it but wondered about how it would hold up. thanks!


Very nice! I was wondering about the lighting too which is one of the first things I noticed. That first shot is beautifully lit. What’s the light source? Sky lights? High windows? Artificial (but gorgeous) lighting treatment?


I really like those over-sized filers in the third photo. Anyone know where to find large ones like that?


it looks like skylights or really high windows. what a BEAUTIFUL place! so many things but it doesn’t look cluttered at all – i love it :)

Katie S.

I really want that white wire plant stand in photo 3! Does anyone have a source for it?


Love it. I would love to know the name of the paint color used in the bedroom.


thanks for all the great feedback. to answer some of your questions; light source comes from two large skylights. the file boxes under the bench in the living room are from ikea. not sure of the name. the wire plant stand was a street find. and the color in the bedroom is called deep space from benjamin moore. thanks again, -d


Wow, there are no windows, but the skylights are amazing. What great lighting! I love how the walls are filled with so much original artwork. I think my favorite thing about this home is the under-staircase bed. Cool!


what whimsical and cozy corners you two have created – the signs have found themselves a friendly environment to share! and, congrats to the photographer whose sense of the vertical tickles my f-stop heart. d, for dad

bill miller

what whimsical and cozy corners you two have created – the signs have found themselves a friendly environment to share! and, congrats to the photographer whose sense of the vertical tickles my heart. d, for dad

bill miller

What whimsical and cozy corners you two have created – the signs have found themselves a friendly environment to share! And congrats to the photographer whose sense of the vertical tickles my heart,- D


The greatest compliment I can give … is that if I were to be an interesting item, reincarnated into an interesting dwelling … I’d want it to be in diana and christopher’s light-filled space.

Ricky Z

I love the modern yet cozy feel to the loft, such great attention to detail!

The comic book table- to die for!


Gorgeous! Please tell me where I can get a similar bedspread–it’s perfect!

Diana W

Beautiful! I’d love to know where you got the tan couch (and if the upholstery fabric is cat-friendly)!


Anyone know if Ikea still sells that sofa and/or what the model name is??


Great place :) I especially love the giant monopoly print, where did you get that??