sneak peek: anne kristin hagesæther


around d*s we’re huge fans of pattern in the home so we were instantly drawn to the home of anne kristin hagesæther, an illustrator/printmaker/painter in oslo, norway. the flat is from 1951 and is to believed to only have been redecorated once – in the 70s. every room was repainted when they moved in, but they kept the kitchen (hello, pattern!), which reminded her and her husband of their childhoods. anne kristin’s apartment will be shown in a book of interiors made by nina stang, coming in february 2010 published by cappelen damm. don’t miss more of anne kristin’s work here and here, and full-sized images of her home here. {thanks, and kristin and nina!} -anne


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The enamel pans and bowls I inherited from my grandparents.

The chairs at the dining table used to be at a country free church; they have little shelves at the back – for the person in the row behind to place their book of hymns and a cup of coffee :-) Two of my illustrations are hanging above the Mac.



I stenciled the stars on the plain wardrobe (in the hall) and painted the ‘leakage’ above the Marimekko Fatboy (in the livingroom), as well as other, little details aroud the house (not pictured).


Two things I love immediately–the casual, loose upholstery of the couch and the desk/chair set. The tension between the ornate, old world furniture and the sleekly modern computer is fabulous.

Jeff Flemings

I love how bright and optimistic it is. I bet they are smiling all the time.


cutest kitchen ever! the mix of all of patterns is so far from matchy matchy it makes that much more stylish and full of p0ersonality – love the patterns on the walls combined with the patterns of the vintage serveware/light fixture – love it!

our little love nest

Everything screams perfect space! I love the 70’s kitchen walls and I adore the church chairs. They are so fun!! I am so curious as to where you found that wonderful end/highchair?


I love this kitchen. I have been working on mine for years trying to match it to my own personality. I get so scared that if I just let loose that it will look tacky. I think this kitchen has inspired me just enough to let go and see where it takes me. Thanks!


The wallpapered patterns in the kitchen are eclectic, whimsical and completely uninhibited … and perfectly cheerful. Love. Love. Love.


The end/high chair is a norwegian classic for children. It was designed by the norwegian Peter Opsvik in 1972, and was the answer to his question; Are children not supposed to be a part of the dinner table aswell? This adjustable chair can grow with the child and makes children a natural and active part of the dinnertable. It is produced by Stokke.


LUV the colour/pattern combo! i have the orla kiely stem print paper on one wall in my shop & just found some amazing vintage wallpaper from germany (1960’s?) for another wall & am looking forward to colour/pattern overload…but in a good way :)

Anne Kristin Hagesæther

Thanks for all your lovely comments! Jennifer, re the stardust stencils I simply folded sheets of paper (in four) and cut away the ‘middle corner’. Unfolded they made perfect stars in various sizes. My daughter’s chair is indeed a ‘Tripp Trapp’ chair from Stokke. And the baby stroller was a gift for my 5th birthday way back when.


I am sure this comment will be blocked…but I think I am too old for this. (38 yrs) I remember the wall paper, canisters, furniture…etc from when I was a kid. So this ‘look’ is dated to me-not hip. I wish I could ‘see it.’



we only block comments for the reasons listed in the comment box to your left. you didn’t curse, attack anyone or promote an unrelated business so you’re fine. you’re welcome to disagree and not like things ;)



I love the photo of the crocheted pot holders on the wallpaper with the red tiles below. What a wonderful interplay of color and pattern!


I’m thinking that the kitchen is a prime example of “too much of a good thing.” If you had a flat color wall with that tile, or a flat color tile with that wallpaper, the room would seem more balanced.

On the other hand, I’m proud of the owners for keeping the original decor of the room. There are sooo many homes out there that have been pimped out and renovated past all hint of the original flavor.


I want to know where to buy the chandelier above the dining room table.

Kevin E. Somerville

This is clearly the home of an artist. Does Martin get to put up a dead deer or something?
Honestly it is lovely and peaceful. Congratulations you great people!


As a fellow Norwegian I would really like to say that I love it, but that kitchen is not to my taste. As ‘nativeson’ said – I wish I could ‘see it’


What are those beautiful white boxlike cabinet sections in the living room? What are they made of and can they be found anywhere?

Anne Kristin

The ‘cabinets’ are from Kvik They took my husband and his father two weekends to assemble – and hang – and they store everything from dvd’s and photo albums to medicin and printers.