sneak peek: anna sheffield’s studio


it’s not everyday that you get to see a space that makes you feel “like your are inside of a boat,” but it’s a concept that jewelry designer anna sheffield developed with todd fenton (architect) and clayton haske (carpenter) – definitely a different feel than the designers roots in new mexico, but i absolutely love the result, especially that they used salvaged doors sourced from old buildings in virginia to “give a feeling that it had looked this way for years.” and if the new space isn’t enough, anna has also recently launched a brand new [main] site (complete with iphone app!), and the new bing bang line just launched last week. for additional details not pictured below, click here. {thanks anna and jess for coordinating!} -anne

[in the words of anna: We wanted to maintain the integrity of the space, which is a classic Soho loft, when we renovated- Exposing the tin ceilings and beams, and keeping decorative moldings. Its very much inspired by the idea of a stationary ship. So in creating a showroom and atelier, we worked to incorporate elements from posterity like the salvaged oversize wood doors and estate furniture mixed with steel and brass fixtures and new exotic wood trims.. and of course the kitchen is a highlight- it is stylistically like a provincial lodge with its raw wooden planks an butcher block counters. we also have the workspace side of the building which you feel is there but its obscured behind the frosted glass windows and clerestory transoms at the top of the walls.]


CLICK HERE for the rest of Anna’s sneak peek (and all the images on one page) after the jump!






Gorgeous. Wonderful details– I love the finish around the door frames.


The wood is lovely, but all those exposed wires and conduit would drive me absolutely crazy!


Nice place, but I wasn’t a fan of the salvaged wood wall in the kitchen…it seemed a bit heavy to me in such a light and airy space.


Too cool! I love getting to see where artists work, where they get inspired! Thanks! PS – her line is called ‘bing bang’ ;) Thanks again for the lovely sneak peek!


great ceilings, love the industrial look of the place. Also a great fan of your dark painted floors and the carpets… they are always just the thing for making it feel like home


I love the use of the reclaimed wood. It gives the space such warmth against the white tin ceiling.



(Boyfriend likes the white statue. “Is that the Pillsbury Dough Boy?”)


Can´t stop looking at the pictures again and again…. It´s so perfect! Very nice work indeed, especially the dining table, the wall, the ceiling …… Gongratulations! Very inspiring.