Oliver Jeffers

I love children’s books! When feeling uninspired there are few things better
than flipping through a colouful, happy and silly piece of literature. Oliver Jeffers books account for quite a bit of my collection, his stories are ridiculously cute and the illustrations are so detailed and lovely. ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ is about Henry who discovers the more books he eats the smarter he becomes.

‘The Great Paper Caper’ is about a bear who desperately wants to win the
112th Biennial Paper Airplane competition like his father and grandfather
before him.

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I love Oliver Jeffers’s books! I think his illustration style is so perfectly quirky.


¡I have this book! It’s so cute, the cover is even bitten. I have it in the spanish version that seems to be a little bit different, starting from the translation: mine is called “El increíble niño comelibros” (The incredible book-eating boy) I LOVE IT! I think some children’s books are works of art.


Forgot to thank you: I discovered your blog a couple months ago and became addictied to it! Been reccomending it ever since


I didn’t know about him until now, but what a thrill to find these. Thanks!


I bought How to catch a star by oliver jeffers for my little nephew’s second birthday and he loves it so much he makes his mum read it nearly every night, although he cries sometimes when the little star is all alone. There is another great one about a penguin called lost and found – it has been made into an animation as well.


Beyond the charming storyline in “The Incredible Book Eating Boy”, Jeffers draws and paints directly on pages and covers of old books of all kinds. Every time I read this I discover new wonders in his work. And my baby isn’t even big enough to understand the story yet!


The drawings are sooo cute I know my daughter will love reading it! Especially in Spanish! We love all things art!

Thanks for the fun post!

Thanks Julia for the info on it being in Spanish and the details… I will look for this book asap!


Thx for introducing me to such charming children’s books. I LOVE the illustrations. My kids would love this.


I am definitely getting “The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ for my friend who is due to give birth any day now. Hell, I need a copy for myself, too.