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made with love: postcard banner

by amym

This project is so easy, I hesitate to even call it a project. I had a large stack of old post cards kicking around the house, many with writing on the back so they couldn’t be send to friends and I needed a good way to display them. Even though I used old postcards, this project would work equally well with postcards that you’ve received over the years and it’d be more meaningful, to boot!

CLICK HERE for the full project instructions (and more pictures) after the jump!


What you’ll need:

– a stack of postcards, I used about 20. ebay consistently has big lots of old postcards if you decided to go that route.
– a stapler
– an awl or very sharp pencil
– twine to hang

1. Collect together a large pile of post cards and evaluate the front sides from the back. I like the message sides of mine so I decided to use them for my front, but the photo side looks equally as nice, and the good news is that when the banner is done, it’ll be reversible.


2. Carefully staple together the two adjoining corners of your post cards and continue on until you have a chain about 10 feet long.


3. Be sure to flip the orientation of the cards, some long ways, short ways for added visual interest.


4. Take an awl or other sharp object and poke a hole in the top corners of your banner to thread some twine through for hanging, I left a tail about 10” long.


5. Hang and enjoy!


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