made with love: postcard banner


This project is so easy, I hesitate to even call it a project. I had a large stack of old post cards kicking around the house, many with writing on the back so they couldn’t be send to friends and I needed a good way to display them. Even though I used old postcards, this project would work equally well with postcards that you’ve received over the years and it’d be more meaningful, to boot!

CLICK HERE for the full project instructions (and more pictures) after the jump!


What you’ll need:

– a stack of postcards, I used about 20. ebay consistently has big lots of old postcards if you decided to go that route.
– a stapler
– an awl or very sharp pencil
– twine to hang

1. Collect together a large pile of post cards and evaluate the front sides from the back. I like the message sides of mine so I decided to use them for my front, but the photo side looks equally as nice, and the good news is that when the banner is done, it’ll be reversible.


2. Carefully staple together the two adjoining corners of your post cards and continue on until you have a chain about 10 feet long.


3. Be sure to flip the orientation of the cards, some long ways, short ways for added visual interest.


4. Take an awl or other sharp object and poke a hole in the top corners of your banner to thread some twine through for hanging, I left a tail about 10” long.


5. Hang and enjoy!



I bet this will work with holiday cards….I can’t wait to try it.


How funny! A friend just started her “handwritten note revival” and we were discussing all the possibilities of displaying postcards.

Right now, there’s a banner of polaroids across my hallway, but I see a swap in the future.

Thanks for the inspiration!


what a great idea; imagine all the possibilities….birthday cards, christmas cards…thanks for sharing


that’s so awesome.
i have plenty of old postcards!
thanks so much <3

Sassy Nectarini Kids

Love this idea, I have so many cards and postcards laying around that I have no idea what to do with, but are too sentimental to throw out!

Thanks for this awesome inspiration :)

lyn spataro

I spent a summer cataloging old postcards for a museum. Most of the postcards were from the late 1800-1900. It was one of the best intern projects I’ve had! I had so much fun reading the messages and imagining peoples worlds. Great idea!


Lovely project. I have a string of postcards hanging next to my front door using some magnetized string.


Neat idea! This would make a really nice decor project for a going away party.


How pretty! I’ve got a big stack of reply cards from our wedding that we used the same way. I hang it up for our Anniversary!

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought

My friend did this at her wedding. She and her husband had been sending each other letters for 8 years- as friends- before they married. So they strung up all their letters and postcards around the room at their reception. Very romantic and pretty!


Years ago I had a little hallway where I strung ribbons across in rows and used mini clothespins to put up all my postcards – sometimes the fronts, sometimes the backs or by color. Also, I did a Pola-fridge taking pictures of everyone I could close up with a “shocked” expression and covering the entire front of the refrigerator with them.


Amazing! I have something very similar, because I am a collector of postcards. I’m glad I’m not the only one :-)


This would be great done with a sewing machine too–just straight stitch across the top of a whole row of cards. . .hmm, now off to find some!


My great-grandfather was a train engineer in the early 1900s and I have a huge stack of postcards he sent back to my grandfather from all over the midwest. Now I finally have a way to display them! Love love Love it!

Brice Corder

Beautiful Post!! CAUTION WHEN CHOOSING CARDS! Make sure the card you find is not a “hidden gem” some of these cards as many of you know can be worth hundreds of dollars until they have holes sewed or stapled into them!! –Great Idea!! & Gorgeous Photography!! :)


what is magnetized string? I googled it and got a physics lesson. thanks


I, too, am puzzled by he ‘magnetized string’ suggestion. Thanks for any clues


Please someone help with the question about ‘magnetized string’. I know I have seen a nice metal string, from which people hang things, but have no clue what it is called, nor where to get it.
thank you


If you don’t want to poke holes in your postcards, consider using mini clothespins (found in the craft section) and twine or ribbon, tied to 1 nail at each end.


A GREAT use of vintage finds. I love old handwriting styles, and you have turned this into a very wonderful use of a collection which would normally be just be stacked in a pile. Good thinking. Smiles!