louis poulsen lighting + meg’s tape

sometimes i fall in love with product photos as much as the product itself. these photos from the new collection of toldbod 120 pendant lamps from louis poulsen lighting are just too lovely to ignore. in addition to wanting a few of those grey and yellow pendants, i’d also like to move into each of these rooms. until then, i’ll just keep checking out their full collection online. thanks, mette!


today is meg mateo ilasco‘s last day on the d*s guest blog and she’s wrapping up her series with a post on the rubber band- and all its creative possibilities. click here to check it out. thanks so much to meg for her posts this week!



Wow! I can’t decide whether I’m completely in love with or hate those painted log cabin walls


I love louis poulsen’s lighting. I could sit all day with their catalogue – it’s just so dreamy!


I love the use of colors and patterns contrasting with the white logs, however the moose head is disturbing to me.

Paul baxendale

I think the painted log cabin interior is pretty great! The moose head disturbs me a little also, but only in that it appears to be a moose head with little deer antlers! The little lamps are very sweet.


I couldn’t even concentrate on the light fixtures as that fabric on the couch (first pic) has me wondering where I can find something like that.

I love that fabric.


I’m totally in love with that gold table in the second photo. Hmm–it may be time to hit up a thrift store and find some paint…


I too would love to know where the couch is from! Love it.


absolutely gorgeous :)

What kind of furniture is in third picture (behind the pretty ottoman)?

Its leg and style reminds me of traditional beds made of wood and rope in villages of pakistan. Its called ” chaarpai”

I tried looking up on louis Poulsen’s website. But I could not find any source or story about that furniture.

can anybody tell me?

Linda Hunt

My mantra is beautiful, unique and fashionable for my design clients. This lighting fits all that. I cannot wait to get my catalog!


The large pillow in the last picture? Sources? What style is the pattern? I love it. Agree with the rest that the painted log is criminal- especially in the hi-gloss. Maybe a whitewash stain wouldn’t have been so painful.


Love the cords. We did something similar for a restaurant project we are working on the – the cords were a nasty black and stood out too much so we painted them blue. What a different some color can make!


i totally love the high gloss white painted log cabin interior…never seen it done before…brilliant way to modernize a classic and i love that painting them all one color emphasizes the irregularity and form…excellent!


I think the striped ottoman is adorable; it looks like a big, fancy hacky sac. And I love the yellow cords but honestly, when I saw the pendant lights in the second picture, the first thing that came to mind was “DIY: How to make a pendant lamp from a toilet plunger”.


I’m dying to know where I can find the couch in the first pic (with the moose). Love it! If someone recognizes it please post info.


I’m in love with all the furniture in those louis poulsen pics, especially the little blue end table in the first and the blue truck and gold table in the second. stunning!


Nice photos. I like the pendant lamps but they just seem a tad on the low side. The elastic bands are very interesting too…crazy in fact!