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living in: mamma mia!

by amym

Reading through the comments on last weeks “living in” post, I can tell my netflix queue is going to be getting a serious workout. That is, if I can find where I stashed “Bringing Up Baby”. Guilty as charged, I’ve had it at home for a month and (eep!) haven’t watched it yet. Do you guys do that, too?

Several of you requested a “living in” post dedicated to the greek yumminess that is “Mamma Mia”, including the mother hen of design*sponge, our very own Grace Bonney. And let me tell you folks, when Grace sweetly suggests you watch a movie, you watch the movie. Because Grace knows what’s up.

To be honest, I’d never seen Mamma Mia before fellow d*s bloggers Amy A. and Grace herself organized a little group viewing. With cupcakes. And greek food. And cute boy gossip. Seriously, this is the best job ever. How was the movie, you ask? Let’s just take it with a grain of salt. It’s as girly and silly a thing as ever created, but if you don’t want to run away to Greece and stay in the fictional hotel by the end, you’re officially crazy.

[image above, clockwise from top left: josef frank “la plata” textile, table fan $50, antique greek embroidery $2475, iron and brass bed $1998+, flagon lamp $168, john robshaw “pepper” linens $250+,Stockholm runner $130, iron rocking chair $4750, antique wicker jugs, striped dhurrie $70+]

The movie itself is a dreamy mix of Mediterranean, nautical and mid century Scandinavian influences. Lots of blues, oranges, faded reds and to die for Josef Frank textiles. Patterns to make you weep with joy. The only way I can even handle thinking about summer ending this year is by plotting a fantasy Mamma Mia vacation. Who’s with me for a mid winter trip to the Greek islands?

[image above, clockwise from top left: josef frank “vegetable tree” textile, storm lantern $41, nakashima chair $634, cordoba bowl $10, atom bowl $8, strut side table $249, painted tub, woven tray $40, dish cloth $13, marble fruit $36+, marimekko bowl $86]

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  • But then, in the middle of all that fluff, and blue sky, and blue water, Meryl Streep sings that heartbreaking song…The Winner Takes It All…and then the movie goes back to clouds, and flouncy clothing.

  • Love the movie. They had a sing-along screening on Hollywood Beach in Chicago, but it got rained out. SOMEBODY DO IT AGAIN!

    And I totally want to live in that movie.

  • I am also a culprit of keeping netflix movies for weeks!! :-) Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. I visited Greece and Greek Islands a few years back and I will never forget it.

  • I always keep my Netflix for too long. Then I go on a craze and watch a ton at once.

    I really enjoy that first photo and it’s inspired set of items.

  • Running off to Greece has forever been a humongous fantasy of mine… and that bedroom doesn’t help one bit. It’s gorgeous! So inspirational.

  • Wouldn’t life be just simpler, if we would live like that? Of course, without the drama ;) But I love that rustic and yet stylish style. So, what’s the word… Ah, yes, Romantic…


  • I’m totally going ot watch the movie now!!! That looks like exactly where I want to be and I didnt even know it!

  • This new feature is awesome! Amy does an awesome job digging up the most perfect furnishings and accessories.

  • Wonderful post! This has become my favorite section in DS. What about My House in Tuscany next? It’s about a house, anyway, and the scenery is beautiful…

  • I’m so excited that you posted about this today, because Greece has always been the place I MUST go. So I am! I’m spending the month of september there, taking loads of photographs and blogging about it. and i am SO excited. Greece has always inspired my home decor and I’m excited it will inspire my art too!

  • i love the post with inspiration boards for this movie. can you do one for definitely, maybe? i love the golds and muted turquoises in kevin kline’s character’s apartment.

  • I watched the movie after Grace mentioned the great textiles (she was so right!). I thought there were a couple really cute swim suits that were good eye candy too. But Pierce Brosnan’s singing…not so much.

  • Wow! I love this Living In series…I would love to see Samantha’s (Nicole Kidman’s) gorgeous house in the remake of Bewitched. It’s the most dreamy, romantic cottage. Ever.

  • I’m a Meryl Streep fan, a Mama Mia soundtrack fan, and a fan of all the beautiful things you posted having to do with the designs in Mama Mia! I’m ready to redecorate my office and show it some Greek love…great post!

  • ohhh I remember when Grace was swooning about the movie….but never got the chance to see it. Thanks for posting all of the inspiration prints and decor….

  • The Greek Islands are definitely worth seeing. I was just there for a business+leisure hybrid trip. It was gorgeous.

  • I refuse to watch this one BUT the design is gorgeous!

    I would very much love a Living In of the Painted Veil! Specifically when they are in Shanghai. I adore the scene at the Chinese Opera. Or Australia would also be nice. A classic it is not but I do love her house and the party at the end. I agree, this is a great new feature!

  • I didnt think much of the film but god the sets are gorgeous! has anyone got anyidea how to recreat aged blue wall effect? I was thinking sponge painting but it can look oh so tacky! Someone help! xxx

  • I love this post…I guess because I really love Josef Frank. Ever since I watched the movie, I’ve wanted to see stuff like that.

  • I am not a musical fan, but am in love with this movie just for the location. And Meryl Streep. Everything about that island and hotel is what I dream about!

    I’m in for a trip!

  • So happy to see you’ve done a post on this! i adore that red and white bedspread. The pattern on it is sooo awesome.

  • Thanks to this post you’ve answered a question that has been bothering me – I went to Liberty (of London) last week and saw this highly patterned fabric covering sofas and chairs and I went home without getting the name. Now I know it’s Josef Frank – absolutely gorgeous patterns.

  • Wow! This is my favorite series yet. In L-O-V-E with bedroom grouping. As much as it pains me to let it go, I have 1 yard of Josef Frank Hawaii in White for sale if anyone’s interested :(

  • Dear Amy, loved this blog!!!
    Do you remember the movie “Babette”?…It was located in some nordic place.
    I think that you can find very nice interiors ideas on it.

  • Ditto on Rose’s comment…I’ve been wanting Meryl’s dress since I first saw the movie! Any ideas for great sights with clothing?

  • That blue dress that Meryl was wearing was from Anthropologie, although they added some trim to the sleeves. My little sister has that dress!
    I’ve been obsessing over the textiles and sets too. And I can’t help it, that movie makes me really happy. I put it on whenever I need a lift.

  • I love everything in this movie- from the fabrics and the clothing to the views. The setting of the chapel was gorgeous. My 4 year old daughter watched it for a month straight (yep, no new netflix for that month) and can now sing every ABBA song. I’m so glad you did this post because there are so many things that I recognized, but some I didn’t.

    The only bad thing about the movie was the men singing…was it painful for anyone else?

  • ssssh, i haven’t even seen the film. i was going to, but then i asked my friend if a loathing of Abba would hinder my enjoyment of the film, and she said it might! (would) is that true? because this is all so beautiful! well done again Amy!

    p.s. i always always keep my Lovefilm films for a really really ridiculous length of time and then, even, sometimes, send them back unwatched. oh, the shame!

  • Yes, yes, yes! I agree it was a completely silly movie, but I fell in love with the hotel, the carefree wardrobe, the sunbleached buildings, ah…

    Gorgeous picks. I am adoring this series!

  • Amy, I love your posts, and I have been reading your blog–also marvelous.

    Any chance of doing a Living In for Benny and Joon, A River Runs Through It, The English Patient, The Great Gatsby, Legends of the Fall…?

  • LOVE this post! I adore mamma mia! I love the style of the sets in the movie too! I think my favorite is sophies room…it has such an airy look to it:)

  • I have the soundtrack in my car and when I’m at school the songs go over and over in my head!! Love it and adore the movie

  • Great little ‘styling clusters’ – very inspirational.
    Would love to see you recreate ‘Coco Avant Chanel’ and ‘the Ice Storm’… to give you two polar oposites.. :)

  • I haven’t seen the movie but want to after seeing this post.
    I’m a Jersey girl. My first trip to Greece was in ’96. After that I stopped going to the Jersey shore like I did every year. The water, weather, people, food actually did put tears in my eyes. GO!!!

  • Loved Mama Mia – but loved Julia & Julia just as much. I am afraid there was not much there for Living In – unless one just did a tour of all Julia Childs residences – for the sheer variety. Her Paris kitchen was wonderful for its total lack of today’s modern appliances, and yet so outstanding for the sheer joy of cooking. Most of all – Meryl, you rock!

  • I saw Mamma Mia on an airplane and bawled, with tears, and sobs. Pretty embarrassing since the flight was full. I was pregnant with my first daughter and it was during a tender mother-daughter moment. I thought it was my hormones, but I guess it was actually a good movie!

  • I just saw the movie last night!! I agree it was girly and all but definitely a happy movie but what really excited me was how beautiful everything was and the colors. I was thinking I want my place like that! Its so funny that I see this post today here.

  • I have seen it three times together with my daughter and we both love the film.Great songs, beautifull sceneries and colors.The bed scene is great,i wish I had that bed and the bedlinens to go with it!
    Yuo have a great blog!

  • The island where they filmed this is called Skopelos- I was there in July 2007 just before the filming for Mamma Mia! began. Such a lovely quiet little island- I highly recommend making the journey if you’re looking to check out and relax greek isle style!

  • I am obsessed with the sofa shown in the second picture from the movie in this post. Anyone know where it’s from/where to get it?

  • My favorite Mamma Mia part is at the end when you think it’s over, and Merryl, dressed in her Abba garb, says “You want antoher one? You want another one?!” Makes me laugh just thinking about it. You can tell they all had a ball making that movie.