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interior idea: colored chalkboard paint

by Grace Bonney

i’m a huge, huge fan of chalkboard paint. i use a framed chalkboard in my entryway, created a diy chalkboard project for my old craft mag column, and love to post chalkboard-related reader projects. so i was thrilled to hear from d*s reader and blogger/stylist raina kattelson about her successful testing of hudson paint’s new colored chalkboard paint.

based in red hook new york, hudson paint is run by decorative painter arno cornillion. arno explains that, “it started with a client asking for an orange chalkboard, which i was surprised to find didn’t already exist.” so arno set out to produce a line of colored chalkboard paint, which is now mixed by a family-owned paint manufacturer in the hudson valley.

hudson paint’s colored chalkboard paint comes in 24 colors and sells for $25 a can. the possibilities are endless and i was excited to see raina test out so many ideas in her home. it’s always great to find a new product, but it’s even better to see it in use in someone’s actual home. click here to read more about raina’s projects and here to check out (and order) hudson paint’s colored chalkboard paint.


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  • I’ve been totally thinking about colored chalkboard paint lately! In particular, I’ve been dying to use it on storage jars for baking ingredients like flour, sugar, etc. I think it would insanely cool. And I love the painted tray. I might have to do that too — it’d be perfect for a party.

  • Aw, I love the chalkboard as a home-greeting! Totally going to steal that idea… (It’s like a more adult version of the dorm room whiteboard, you know?)

  • What do you all use for erasers? Have had probs w/ chalkboard paint in past–I couldn’t get the chalk to erase all the way. That being said, I love the different colors now available!

  • So cute! Especially the tea tray.

    It’s funny Kristan mentioned the dorm whiteboard thing, because I was just thinking that. :)

  • It’s about time someone made colored chalkboard paint! I would love to paint a whole wall in my studio and just scribble away to my heart’s content. I like the use of the paint on small surfaces like the jars and tea tray — clever.

  • oh my god, penguins and lime green chalkboard paint… i am in love. i didn’t read the whole website, but we’re all worried about VOCs with regular paint. what’s in this chalkboard paint?

  • Paulette, this is from the site:
    “Preparing your chalkboard with a piece of chalk rubded on the entire surface and wipe clean will prepare the surface for long lasting. sometimes it is not possible on large walls and its ok too”

  • Looks like they’re actually based in the town of Red Hook, NY (not the Brooklyn neighborhood), which is a little over 2 hours north of the city. Which is cool with me since I’ve been wanting to explore that area.

  • Hey….just a correction. We are located in Red Hook NY, but not Brooklyn…..we are upstate in the Hudson Valley. If you live near us you can buy the paint from Tivoli Mercantile in Red Hook (845)758-3229.

  • So here’s what I’m asking everyone these days (need an answer ASAP!)

    We have some old slate chalkboard. Simply sanding it down (removing layers of chalkboard paint, tape marks, etc) makes it gray, not really deep black – so we were looking at painting it. Painters did one sample with a chalkboard paint – not sure which brand. It came out also just dark gray, not truly black, and also, it scratches really easy (even just with a fingernail).
    So – for those that have used paint, what brand did you use, is it a deep black, and does it scratch easily?

    This is for a backsplash in our kitchen… Please help!

  • Ah ha! I have been dreaming of orange chalkboard paint for our office! So much better than junior high green or senior high charcoal! I’m too excited- we are painting next week (if I can motivate myself to finish sanding drywall this week…) Oh happy inspiration! Thank you!

  • Arg! I wish I would have known about colored chalkboard paint when I was doing my kid’s playroom instead of just ol’ black! Gorgeous!

  • ah, very cool.

    but did you know you can make your own custom chalkboard colors by adding 2 tbsp of unsanded tile grout powder per 1 cup of any latex paint?

    don’t mean to detract people from the awesome Hudson colors. but colored chalk board paint is easier to come by than most people think. :)

  • Way cool. One issue though, the tea jars. If you’re drinking high quality loose leaf tea you don’t want to store it in clear jars. Light can damage the tea, and no one wants that. You’d be better off using jars like that for items that are not light sensitive or, if you want chalkboard tea jars, painting the entire jar or a portion of an opaque container.

  • Hey – there is another option for colored chalkboard paint that is only about $6 for an 8oz jar (it goes a long way!). You can find it at most craft stores – it is made by a paint company called Plaid. I think they also sell it on their website plaidonline.com

  • I would like some opinions on the washability of chalkboard paint. I have my pantry stocked with things in glass jars and I love this idea of re-useable labels on them but worry about when I wash them.

  • I actually saw it on a blog yesterday…not sure which one,…I’ll have to go see, but you can MAKE your OWN chalkboard paint and it’s very simple and CHEAP…any color. All it takes is a cople of tablespoons of non sanded grout and a cup of any color acrylic paint…:)

  • Hi all, I have some very exciting news for you. My wife and I have brought Hudson Coloured Chalkboard Paint down under and we are making it right here in New Zealand. We have been working with chemists and have increased the opacity and lowered the VOC’s down 500% on the U.S. paint. We are available right now either in 1 litre or 500ml pails. Check us out at http://www.hudsonpaint .net which will be up and running next week. Or on our facebook page Hudson Paint Australasia where you can read about us and this awesome ECO conscious product . You can also see our chalkboard shapes which are fantastic for the kids rooms. We ook forward to you comments