hamster wheels + eames chairs

by Grace Bonney

good morning! we’ve got a packed day today (2 biz ladies posts, an under $100 roundup, a new city guide, and a new living in post) so i wanted to kick things off with a few pieces of tuesday morning eye-candy. first up, a clever little wall sticker from the team at Hu2 design. they recently launched a series of wall graphics designed to act as story-telling reminders. my favorite is this guinea pig sticker designed to surround a light switch. the story Hu2 related to this product was “if your power was supplied by your guinea pig, you wouldn’t let him run for nothing when you leave the room, would you?”. the message being, remember to turn off your lights when you’re not using them. it’s a fun little play on the idea of conserving energy, and a cute design to boot. click here for more info. [thanks, romain!]

next up- new bespoke eames dcw chairs from british design studio ilovedust. in an effort to “complement the chair’s aesthetic integrity with a tailor-made design drawing inspiration from the relationship between the designers”, ilovedust created a pattern that is based on a dialogue conducted between ray and charles eames during the unveiling of the chair on the arlene francis ‘home’ show broadcast in 1956. each chair has a unique pattern pertaining to one of the designers and tells a his and hers story with different quotes from each designer. click here for more info and here for pillow and print forms of the dialogue print.

also- d*s guest blogger jeana sohn is sharing a delicious recipe for strawberry cream puffs. if you need a special sweet treat for after-dinner tonight, click here to check out jeana’s recipe and pictures!

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