gesa hansen + meg’s rope post

happy wednesday morning! i’m heading off to one of my favorite flower shops this afternoon but i wanted to kick off the day with this great new desk from danish designer gesa hansen. based in paris, gesa recently debuted her “hansen family” line of furniture and this desk is the first off the line. i love the simple colored cubby holes- they make for such sweet spots to store office necessities (and remind me of a fun spin on the nelson swag leg desk). click here for more info on gesa’s work (and to check out her lovely hansen family website).


meg has another fun guest post today…all about rope! click here to check it out.


I love furniture like this! But one major question I have: where can I get the poster above the desk? It’s so so so cute! xo


The desk is beautiful and I love the unexpected punch of color in the cubbies. I think I need this!


i want the poster above the desk, too! it’s a poster for the olivetti valentine typewriter, and i’ve never seen it even though i’m constantly looking for olivetti posters. its adorable. so is the desk.


That desk seems to take a few styling cues (swooped supports, color-coded cubbies) from Nelson’s Swag Leg Desk. Either way, I think it looks great, I love it.


Oops, you mentioned that. Feel free to delelte the last post!!


I found that poster at the Victoria & Albert museum in London.


You can feel George Nelson has inspired Gesa, for sure.
It’s look great anyway.
An I adore her website!


That cubby-filled charmer makes me want to plop right down with my laptop and blog to my little heart’s content! Thank you for the desk/furniture spotlight.


Love the desk, and it looks so pretty with that chair (is it an eames??) and in that room…


i am in love with the valentine typewritter, which i do not need. but the poster. point me in the right direction…


i prefer this desk over the nelson swag leg desk! i dream of a chair like that (in pink) at my dream desk. i would like a panel that covers the cubby holes and flips open and lies neatly to expose them. then it would by my dream desk.

Ellie P.K.

it’s not really important, but I felt, someone should correct it.. – Gesa is from Arnsberg, which is in western Germany, that makes her not Danish but German. btw love ur blog!!