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copenhagen chronicles: schubladen

by Grace Bonney

[this post is the final post from our summer correspondent in copenhagen, brittany watson. thank you so much to brittany for her beautiful posts this summer!]

Well, I’m back on American soil. With a computer whose keys are in a recognizable location. And air conditioning blasting because there’s 75% humidity in Washington, DC. Yeah, welcome back to me! One whole Scandinavian summer has whooshed by and I’ve seen and done things I didn’t imagine possible and met people who have made a lasting impression. Writing for design*sponge this summer gave me the chance to enter a private realm of Scandinavia I wouldn’t have entered otherwise. Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes who I didn’t know prior graciously opened their beautiful homes and studios to me and I’m glad to call many of them my friends. Thank you!

I took a little side trip to visit my cousin, artist Bryson Gill, in Berlin and he showed me the shop of Franziska Wodicka called SchubLaden, maker of new furniture, both ready-made and custom-made from old drawers. I’d seen her work before but didn’t realize how lovely it would be in person. Especially lovely was her studio where she stored all the found drawers, arranged, of course, in beautiful neutrals and colors. I’m tempted to make my own collection of drawers purely for beauty, not function. Franziska started SchubLaden after attaining the shop space but not knowing what to put in it. After accumulating loads of drawers she decided to get them out of the way by making them useful once again…hence SchubLaden. She’s quite good at imagining uses for cast off materials and arranging them in imaginative positions like these that face sideways.

Thanks for reading my Chronicles and a huge thanks to Grace for giving me this opportunity. Let’s stay in touch! Hej hej! –Brittany

CLICK HERE for more images from schubLaden after the jump!


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  • me: hee hee on the dream guy comment. :)

    yes, those drawers are awesome en masse. i’mtempted to start collecting too.

  • So wonderful to see someone take something I’m a bit crazy for and run with it. I want to peek in all of them. I’ve been told it’s Virgo thing, but I’m convinced a mess inside a drawer is so much easier to take than one outside.

  • Those drawers are great! Brittany, I’ve loved reading your posts. I too love the Danes! Thanks for sharing!

  • i love all of those drawers!! i once had a growing collection, but never did anything with them. i was convinced to part with them before our cross-country move and now (of course) i miss them dearly.

  • Thanks to the internet and posts like these I have a huge mass of wooden drawers. Everyone in my family (chosen and not) now knows to check that dresser on the side of the road for dovetails, wood grain, etc. If it matches my “real wood” criteria they take the drawers for me. I live in a small apartment. I have no idea what I’ll do when it becomes too many…
    Thanks for the (dangerous) inspiration!

  • I am a huge fan of SchubLaden and her work is so inspiring! I would love to see it in person!! This is such a great behind the scenes peek and thank you so much for sharing it!

  • Me: It seems you and I share the same idea of what our “dream guy” will be. (Something about the glasses, no?)

    I love the brightly saturated and colorful drawers so much that I wish I had them in my furniture collection! *Sigh*

    What a beautiful, beautiful post. Thank you!

  • Ah yes! Since this summer I’m the happy owner of one of Franziska’s designs. Not only is her furniture fabulous but she’s a very nice person as well!

  • I have been inspired by her work since the first time I saw it. How absolutely delightful to see the shop behind the beautiful creations!

  • Something about the stacks of drawers completely remind me of Ollivander’s Wand Shop in Harry Potter…
    I absolutely love Franziska’s work, especially the way she transforms old pieces into new, creative ones.

  • Fantastic ideas! I wish we kept the one that accidentally got shipped to Canada when we immigrated, the dresser was actually staying in the UK.

  • Drawers have been my dream and my worst nightmare, I guess I’ve had too many of them filled with too many things I’d rather get rid of but I just can’t…
    As to the guy, he reminded me of Larry Paul, Robert Downey Jr’s character in Ally McBeal, who happens to be my super duper dream guy *sob*

  • hi there – thank you so much for all the positive response, that makes me love my work even more. you are welcome to visit my shop in berlin – get an espresso code word: design*sponge