before & after: orlando’s striped floor

i have a major, major weakness for stripes. i like them in my clothes, on my shoes, and on details in my home. so when i saw this project from orlando soria in california i was instantly hooked. orlando managed to make seriously budget-friendly linoleum tiles ($0.59 per sq. ft) look majorly luxe by cutting them in half and laying them in a striped pattern. hello, gorgeous. i love the black and white look and this it’s such a nice contrast to the red piece of furniture in the back. great work, orlando!

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i’ve been thinking about doing a striped floor in my new shop, but can’t decide. i love them so. perhaps i should just stop thinking about it and do it!


What a great idea, I love it! I have an affinity for stripes too so this totally rocks! Great job :D


Wow, that’s awesome. I’ve always thought of a black and white checkerboard pattern floor for my kitchen, but now I’m seriously considering these stripes.


jaw hit the floor. visionary use of cheap lino. the b&w is perfect here, but could be great with a third color every so often.


If the kitchen tile in my next apartment is as ugly as it is in the current one, I am definitely stealing this idea. My only question–you literally just lay down the tile on the old flooring, with no adhesive or anything?



most tile like this comes with an adhesive backing, that you expose by peeling off a backing- like a sticker. it’s removable, but will leave a little residue you need to clean with goo-b-gone when you move ;)

i did something similar in my old (horrible) apartment and pulled them up when i moved.



Ooo – I love this! I’m totally stealing this idea. So simple, yet it looks so fancy. Awesome.

Eric M

This is the best idea I have seen in a long time. Way to go, Orlando!


This is the inspiration I needed to do a 1/2 bathroom, but I am going to take out the ugly linoleum and paint the floor.


Ooh la la! This looks great! I’d love to do this in my rental kitchen, but it would majorly clash with the 1940s peach and brown counter tile… Maybe I could try it in different colors. Thanks for the inspiration!


i love that picture of the boy leaned on the floor. any details on the artist? so simple and yet so perfect for the space.


I completely agree with “Lynn”. It is a absolutely a “visionary use of cheap lino.” We all want the fab design of a beautiful custom floor and do it using materials that anyone can get their hands on is genius! LOVELY and AMAZING floor!


This is really hip. A couple of things to be aware of: Make sure the floor is really clean before starting, or the adhesive won’t stick; and if the linoleum tiles underneath are also peel-n-stick, you might pull up more than expected when you get ready to move . . .


I love those tiles, so much you can do with them, but it really takes some work to keep them LOOKING clean. They need wax or they get really dull and look crappy.


really, really nice! I love ideas that take utilitarian, economical materials and make something that looks downright “luxury”. It shows great taste, vision and ingenuity.


Great look.
Perfect exection.
Great idea for small space…pushes the room wider.


Great look.
Perfect execution.
Pushes a small space wider…


This looks fantastic, great job and it’s super creative w/o breaking the bank.


wow. i think i need to do this this weekend! grace, do you have to put anything inbetween the tiles (like grout), or just lay them down right next to each other? and can you just cut them with an exacto knife, or do you need something else? thanks!



with peel and stick tiles you don’t need anything in between. just use a hammer or piece of wood to push them into place without gaps.



this is my favorite before and after yet, i am determined to do this one of these days!


The results are fabulous.

These look like vinyl composite tiles to me… Are they really linoleum? I’ve never seen the real linoleum tiles for those kid of prices which is what makes me think they are VC.

They don’t look like the peel and stick vinyl to me. Vinyl composite get put down with glue. They are commercial grade flooring and are much more suitable for long term use than the stick down tiles.


I have been playing with black and white linoleum flooring ideas including stripes and chevron patterns for my kitchen that is mid-renovation. Its nice to see the finished product look so wonderful!

glenn lawson

bud, did you ever live with a black and white floor in the kitchen?? it’s a logistic nightmare! every friggin’ crumb glares up at you – you’ll be on your hands and knees with damp paper towels ad infinitum!

Catherine Soria

I love it. Isn’t it amazing that something so simple and iconic looks so fresh and new?


Already so jealous of people who can cut a straight line. This AMAZING transformation did not make me less jealous!


This is beautiful, but I’m with puddle- how did he cut those lines so straight and get every piece exactly the same size?


Fab floor! I am completely confused! Where did Orlando find the .59/sq. ft. linoleum? I’ve beend researching linoleum for awhile and can’t seem to get to the budget-friendly part.



oddly enough, my local .99 cents store has black, white, brown and faux woodgrain tiles available for pennies per square foot. i would check out the sale bin at your local hardware store (or home depot/lowes) and local bargain stores. i’d also try salvage shops where these sorts of things often pile up.



fabulous idea! i’m putting in on my list of kitchen floor ideas. thanks for sharing!


I loved this so much but prefer orlando’s original post on his blog because he is so funny:)


I’m a big black and white stripe fan. It catches my eye every time. congrats. I have polished floor boards so I have to do with a black and white stripe floor rug.


It is beautiful and I’m ok with any extra cleaning needs of a black and white floor, but I how did he get the cut lines so straight? I think mine would be wavy. His are perfect!

I love stripes, too.


It is beautiful but it is vinyl! My husband and I went to Linoleum City today and found that linoleum doesn’t come in plain white or black and is a lot more expensive than vinyl tiles. Anyway… that’s my 2 cents.


Definitely vinyl! I can’t find self-stick linoleum anywhere either. And linoleum is expensive compared to vinyl.


What happened to the link? I’d really like to know how to do this :(


I am a SUCKER for a black & white checkered flooring, but the alternative stripped pattern has become my new favorite. I have just found my new kitchen floor. Thanks! Btw, where did you purchase your flooring & what was the final cost?


In search of the tiles ? Any help besides dollar store, hardware stores? Maybe online?
Thank You,