before and after

before & after: jessica’s sofa and holly’s bamboo

by Grace Bonney

today’s first before & after projects involve creating chic and stylish places to take a seat. first up is a project from product designer and photographer jessica otwell. jessica was lucky enough to receive this antique camelback sofa in 1999 and has been talking about recovering it for 10 years. 3 months ago she finally decided to take the plunge and spruced it up with some gorgeous velvet upholstery and nail head edging. it’s now a beautiful place to take a rest, or like elvis the dog, a long afternoon nap. thanks to jessica for sharing! be sure to check out holly’s bamboo settee makeover after the jump!

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CLICK HERE for holly’s outdoor bamboo sofa makeover after the jump!

after spending a day looking through the d*s before and after archives, d*s reader holly “finally” found the inspiration to revamp some old bamboo settees that had been collecting dust in her basement. with a little help from her aunts at the paisley pillow (who upholstered outdoor clearance cushions from pottery barn), a little high gloss spray paint, and colorful pillows these once “rusty, dusty cobweb-collectors” were transformed into chic black “lacquered” settees. just in time for a sweet summer cocktail. great work, holly!


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