before & after: bamboo screens + lamp + garden bench

today we’re kicking off before & after day with three projects from d*s readers. first up- paul and jim from center44 in nyc. this design-savvy duo turned chinese screens into a clever “headboard” that masks the storage closet behind their bed (you can access the closet from the wall to the right of the bed). it’s such a clever but simple way to make the best of a small space situation. thanks for sharing, paul and jim!


next up is an outdoor bench makeover from d*s reader kim. kim “rescued” her bench from a duplex that she rented nearly a decade ago (a tenant in another unit left it behind). in the years since, it has served as everything from a plant stand to “random paint swatch test subject.” but after a few coats of spray paint and some handy sewing from kim, it’s now a colorful place to have a seat out back. great work, kim!

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CLICK HERE for jelena’s electric orange lamp makeover after the jump!

this colorful makeover comes from jelena of poppyseed living. she recently started her own furniture refurbishing business and decided to start with this lamp that got a bold orange makeover give it a more modern look. i’m totally loving that matte finish- it’s such a nice touch. great work, jelena!


The bamboo screen is wonderful – I really like how the room came together in the “after” pic – great work!


I love the bench. The bedroom makeover looks great, also, but I wonder how they get access into the closet (the bed’s on wheels)?

Tricia - Avolli

Wow! These are all quite impressive.

It was really fun for me to see Paul & Jim’s before & after since I know them. They are the charming, professional and hardworking duo over at C44. I had the great pleasure of being a dealer with them and enjoyed their upbeat and direct approach to business and design. Happy to see them featured here!

Tricia – Avolli

honey living

what’s great about this bedroom makeover is that it took the room from looking like a very typical nyc apartment to looking unique and probably reflective of the people who live there. there could be nothing more important than that in a home.


oh, see how a coat of paint can just make or break a piece? this is great! i need to find something to spray now!


Is that really the same room in the before & after? In the before, the closet goes all the way to the left wall, while in the after, there is at least two feet of wall to the left of the closet. Regardless, it is a great idea though.


hi guys! here’s an update from the homeowners of the bamboo project:

“We took down the closet doors, came out four feet and built a wall into which the panels were inserted….so the panels serves as both headboard and a decorative wall for the dressing room behind. “


Yes, I love redos, but am also curious how you access the closet. Do they lift off? It looks like they are light weight. Great idea.


I like the lamp, I have some black shades that I brought from UO for like a buck each and have been thinking about what to do with them think I’m going to try this maybe with a different color for the lamp.


Boy does that lamp look 100 times better! I’m not an orange person, so I maybe wouldn’t do this color, but the idea is great.


My only wish is for more before/afters OR more THURSDAYS!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Grace you delight me each week and I wait anxiously for you to post more…


thanks rhonda! well i’m working on a project now that will involve a lot of before & afters, so hopefully i can meet those wishes :)


Sarah T

Any chance we can find out where the bedspread came from in the centre44 makeover?

Paul Plumadore

The Susani bedspread in the Paul and Jim bedroom makeover came from Center44 dealer Sultan Chic. It is embroidered and vintage and you won’t find two alike. However, the dealer does have more of them.


whoa, the bench looks like a totally different object! amazing! i like the bambooscreens as well, they look great up there.


Wondering what type of paint was used on the lamp? Any ideas? Awesome and inspiring.


Um, not meaning to be picky but in the last paragraph describing the bench, it says:
“it’s not a colorful place to have a seat out back.”

I think you meant “it’s now…”
instead of not :) Because it clearly is a pretty bench!