before and after

before & after: a tale of 2 ikea hacks

by Grace Bonney

today’s first before & afters are all about ikea hacks– that popular pastime of changing inexpensive and basic ikea furniture into something customized and completely different.

first up is eric teng, creative director at dmd insight. eric decided to turn his ikea bedside tables into chic mid-century nightstands using a little bit of paint, a can of stain and some great new handles. he documented the entire process right here, but the pictures above speak for themselves. it’s always so great to see generic pieces turned into something that looks stylish and custom-made. great work, eric!

CLICK HERE to see ashley’s ikea table-to-ottoman hack after the jump!

our second ikea hack comes from ashley pace of the november workshop. in order to prevent her toddler daughter from bonking her head on the coffee table, ashley decided to turn her $30 ikea table into a stylish upholstered ottoman. using a piece of foam and anni albers fabric from knoll, ashley created a piece that matched the clean lines of the rest of the house, but was safe enough for the whole family to enjoy. great work, ashley!


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