under $100: office accessories

this week i’m heading down to virginia and hoping to bring back the childhood desk i used when i was in grade school. it’s a sweet little wooden desk with a simple shape and seems like the perfect place to set up d*s headquarters in my bedroom. so while i plan for the great desk move of 2009 i’m already dreaming up all sorts of ideas for home-office decoration. so i thought i’d focus today’s product guide on budget-friendly office accessories and supplies! i’ve picked over 45 of my favorite affordable-finds on the market- each one well under $100. i hope you’ll enjoy the roundup! if you’re looking for more budget-friendly content click here to check out the d*s under $100 archives.

[image above, clockwise from top left: striped folder $7.50, envelope opener $12, bone paper clips $8, bamboo desk clock $65, mad desk lamp $69.95, paperclip holder $24, wooden pen and pencil $29.95, maple sharpeners $5 each, craft scissors $55, wooden stapler $24, oriole pencil cup $18, wooden tape dispenser $35, tape dispenser $24]

[image above, clockwise from top left: kate spade notepad set $12, magnetic paperclip birdie $16, orla kiely notebook trio $14, collator $30, thomas paul desk tray $8, decorative packing tape $7.50, striped notepad $12, long list notepad $9, mouse tape dispenser $10, pencil sharpener $18, wood square magnetic bulletin board $20]

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[image above, clockwise from top left: english rose paperweight $68, birds of a feather bookmark $18, wood grain folders $7, dragonfly paper clips $6, julia rothman organizer $9.50, patterned binder $24, william morris folders $8.50, victoria bookmarks $18, eraser $3, italian staplers $44.95, thomas paul pencil cup $6]

[image above, left to right: midnight bloom file tote $20, anna griffin accordion file $60]

[image above: shaped wooden pinboard $59.99]

[image above: galvanized metal chalkboard cabinet $99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: ‘brocade’ office accessories at see jane work $8-$65]

[image above: rubber band set $8]

[image above, left to right: pearl ‘mark my words’ bookmark $18, steel ‘clipps’ $12]

samantha hahn

oh I dream of having a desk that’s not jammed with a computer and giant scanner. Someday, I’d love to have two desks, one for computer/scanner/printer and one for kate spade notepads and such. Great round-up!!

Donna Rosser

Another VA girl here — and I have my desk from my old room — we have lugged it from VA to GA to CA and back to GA again :) I love office supplies! I think I prefer shopping for office supplies more than shoes. Wonderful post!


Love all of the finds! I’m a huge paper/office supply nerd and still look forward to getting new notebooks in September.


My freelancing headquarters is in need of some organization. This is perfect timing! Thanks for the lovely post.

Jess W.

I must have that galvanized metal chalkboard! I could honestly probably use one in every room in the house. I get exciting just thinking about how organized it would help me be.


I love the wooden tape dispenser! I have a serious weakness for office supplies and paper products.


There are some really great finds here. When I first transitioned to working from home I went a little office supply crazy and got a lot of really great supplies and cute knick knacks for my desk only to realize that while my computer and desk setup looked awesome and very professional, I needed none of the home office stuff I got because I was taking notes on my computer, needed very little paper, and all of the super awesome pens I got were also a waste. Three years after I first started working from home and some of the stuff I got is still unused!


the brocade metal accessories—I just bought them in turquoise from TJMaxx (no label, but they are EXACTLY the same thing as the above at ‘see jane work’). I paid a total of $17 for all three. The turqoise is gorgeous as well.


by the way, you can get those “craft scissors” at many sewing shops for around $1. Please don’t spend $55 at DWR.


These are all so fantastic! The brocade desk accessories are beautiful; a great addition to any desk area.