under $100: budget friendly lantern guide

the other day a d*s reader wrote in and reminded me that it’s been a while since my last proper under $100 roundup. so i figured, why not combine my tuesday product guides with a special budget-friendly theme? so today’s product roundup is all about lanterns. i’ve included a wide range of styles and prices- but each one is under $100. most are well under $100, but i threw in a few really special pieces that might be worth the over $50 splurge if you’re looking for something to really knock your socks off. there are over 30 styles to choose from so i hope you’ll be able to find something that works for your home and budget. be sure to click “read more” below to view the full selection!

[image above, clockwise from top left: tea bowl lanterns $38+, palm tree lantern $85, kai lanterns $12.99+, butterflies lantern $55.30, cathedral lantern $58, tealight lantern $4.99 each, casablanca lantern $38, al fresco lanterns $49 for set of 4]

[image above, clockwise from top left: marrakech lantern $39.99, purple lantern $25.50, seasonal lantern $180 (ok, this one is over a bit- but it is gorgeous in person- my one over $100, sorry!), carthage lantern $42+, oval eyelet lantern $13.50, green circles wire lantern $90.30, nightingale lantern $18, raspberry wire lantern $60, recycled glass hurricane lantern $78+, iittala small lantern $60]

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[image above: woven lanterns $79.99 ]

[image above, left to right: lucky lantern $39.99, bamboo birdcage lantern $24]

[image above, left to right: ceramic mason jar lanterns $90 for 2]

[image above, clockwise from top left: solstice lantern/hurricanes $25+]

[image above, clockwise from top left: pentagonal lantern $19.99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: misprint hanging lanterns $55, medallion cut lantern $12, indoor table lanterns $39 each]

[image above, clockwise from top left: lakeside lantern $64, lucie lantern/hurricane $25, rustic wood lantern $56+, pendulum lantern $20+]


I love the ceramic mason jars! Great range of styles and prices.


Thank you for this roundup! I’ve been dying to do a cluster of lanterns in my hopefully soon to be back yard. Definitely bookmarking this page!


All of these are simply made for long summer days. I am torn between quite a few as my favorites


Wow, what a well done collection of laterns. There are so many that I’ve never seen before. Great ideas everywhere!


HUGE thanks…I’ve been searching for some pretty lanterns for a long time. Now it seems my search is over….yippee!


I’m loving the idea of using lanterns. What a neat way to add a pop of color inside the house or an outdoor space.

I’ve seen them used well on tablescapes at summer cocktail parties before. Very, very cute.


Of course the lantern that immediately draws my eyes is the $180 seasonal one ;)


sorry i actually didn’t mean to slip that in there, but i figured it was so cute (and 1 out of 30 affordable ones) that maybe someone would splurge on it ;)



But the Seasonal Lantern comes in three sizes – only the largest one is over $100. So you’re good. (My favorite too)


All of these beats the Ikea solar cell lantern I bought a while ago. Looked better in the catalogue plus it already stopped working. Time to go old school with candles again.


Lanterns are all great – the colorful ones really catch my eye. Wouldn’t mind mixing a few of these together into a nice centerpiece.


these are all so beautiful… I want to make some of my own… soo inspired

Grace you are awesome at finding beautiful things


Ohh, beautiful collection! I can’t take my eyes off of the lime green piece.

Nicole (Three By Sea)

Love the Solstice lanterns/hurricanes but I have no needs for more lanterns. What I actually need now are some suggestions for bug repelling candles that actually work and would fit inside!


So fun! Love that there are so many to choose from – one for every taste.


Love these. The green ones on the first panels are zGallerie and on sale! Bravo.


One of my favorite ideas for budget lanterns is just taking tin cans and poking holes in them with nails, attach a wire to the top, put some sand and a candle in the bottom and you’re ready to go! check out


for more budget friendly ideas!


Does anyone know where to find the indoor table lanterns? I clicked on the link, but the website no longer carries them :( ….