sweet wedding idea

ac and i used a lot of textiles in our wedding (you can see everything in the fall issue of martha stewart weddings) so i have a soft spot for any wedding details that involve them. these pretty new custom wedding napkins from butterfly and company let you print a story (how we met, how he proposed, etc) onto a sweet napkin that could be used as a keepsake, an invitation, a gift, etc. click here for more info and to order.

also- click here to check out abigail’s beautiful post on liberty of london fabrics on the d*s guest blog

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These are so sweet. What a great idea! Can’t WAIT to see your wedding in Martha….


Thank goodness for your photo explanation… The new layout was killing me on my slow connection, loading each image one at a time. :) It’ll make this guilty pleasure less guilty!


I love this idea. So original and you could keep a set to use for years to come at home. Can’t you see a couple’s kids reading these someday?


Very sweet. It does strike me as something that would be a wonderful keepsake for the bridge and groom and maybe their immediate families; beyond that, kind of a strange and too-personal memento for the entire wedding guest list.


Love this idea! Textiles seem so much more permanent than paper. Ashley has a point, though – not all your wedding guests will want to keep your how we met/how he proposed story forever. (Unless it’s as cute as this one!)

alex sunday

beautiful! though in my case, the “how we met” probably wouldn’t be appropriate. perhaps the “how he proposed” will be better. :)

Zoe, Conversation Pieces

Ah cuteness… must stop looking at wedding-related stuff though – I’m not even engaged and they’re starting to make me want to get married! ;)



i think we crashed their site- they emailed to let me know yesterday. hopefully it will be up again soon :)



minor typo on the word company…
Feel free to delete this-just figured you’d want to know! Cheers

carol pulitzer

Thanks for all the kind words DS’ers.
When I read what Ashley said and it immediately made me think that these stories printed on a large piece of linen and framed would be so sweet for the bride and groom, like an old cross stitch piece.


What a unique and elegant wedding napkin idea. They look like they would make excellent keepsakes. I bet they would look amazing in a photo or scrapbook. What a neat idea!