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sneak peek: shay ometz of fossil

by anne


for the past 8 years shay ometz has been working with fossil and is currently the senior art director, and when it comes to her home, all i have to say is the instant we saw this place it was love at first sight. shay and her husband were lucky enough to stumble upon this mid-century modern home three years ago. the fact that it only had two previous owners meant that all of the original fixtures and interesting architectural details had been well preserved. when it comes to style the pair loves color and pattern and “lots of visual stimulation.” click here for more amazing images of this colorful home, and stop by their etsy shop to pick up one of their new prints. be sure to stay tuned for more sneak peeks from the fossil crew in the coming weeks.  [thanks, shay!] anne

[above: My graphic designer husband prefers posters and screen prints and I like fine art and other odds and ends so we compromised on our hallway wall. It’s a constant work in progress and I obsess over the perfect combo of objects d’arte :) They are hard to see in the photo but I recently bought a few collages by Stephanie Levy, I’m drawn to her color and design sense!]


CLICK HERE for the full sneak peek (including all of the full-sized images on one page) after the jump!

Since we have two mini weenie dogs and (soon) two little boys we are currently thrilled with our Flor carpet squares. Someday, though,  I want to get a Peace Industries rug to match our toy bins Melina made for me while I was visiting San Francisco. So simple and beautifully made. The awesome orange radial pillows are by Dora Drimalas of Hybid-Home. Her husband Brian did the Star Wars screen prints that are shown in our hallway.



Our living room revolves around our books. We just added another Sapien bookshelf from DWR and have decided that maybe we should stop our quarterly outings to the used bookstore. I’m also an avid ebayer and two of my favorite purchases are the card catalog that perfectly matches all the wood in the house and the updated vintage TV trays.  I still haven’t figured out how the patterns on the plexi were achieved, cut tape perhaps.  These were one of those purchases that far exceeded my expectations when it arrived in the mail. All the main lighting is hidden in the wood paneling near the ceiling which helps with the clutter and it is all controlled by a really cool central hub (not shown). It was a little hard to get used to at first but now we’re pros.


There are a lot of cool built-ins like the breakfast table and cabinet for all my kitchen goodies. I can’t get enough of colorful graphic bowls and containers like those by Orla Kiely, Catherine Holm and Kaj Franck.


My favorite part of the kitchen is the inside grill, although I have to admit we have never actually tried to use it. I love the funky pop of orange! The egg print is by Jack Summerford, one of my husband’s local design heroes.


I love my bed! We recently upgraded to a king since I’m pregnant and need my space. The Malm series from IKEA is simple, modern and not expensive at all. I splurged on the bedding a bit and bought the comfy organic duvet by Amenity Home. The printed pillows are from Castle and the two balls were made by handmadepretties on etsy. Like the rest of the house, there are countless items from etsy, estate sales and ebay covering the dressers and walls. I love to wear a button or brooch everyday but some of them have a permanent spot on my wall. Let’s see, the paper brooch is by pillboxproductions.etsy.com, the little gecko is littleoddforest.etsy.com and unfortunately I no longer have record of where I got the felt flower pins.






Outside we converted a little storage house into a screen printing studio. My husband and I have worked diligently on getting our online store, bee things, up and running and are hoping to launch our site late summer. 



For now we have our mid-century modern inspired bird prints on our etsy site www.beethings.etsy.com. I also have blog shayometz.blogspot.com

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  • oh my, I am in complete love with the studio, the great bookcases, and the graphic prints. Oh, and the gorgeous turquoise walls!

  • wow! i absolutely love everything about this home. and i mean everything! i love the historical aspect, the whimsical details and all of the great items throughout the entire house (even in the bathroom!). Bravo to both the owners for creating this live-in masterpiece! And I also have one of the cute little cupcake containers, but now I’m thinking that that I need a set :)

  • I want a library card catalog shelf/table/etc. SOOOOO badly…!
    I love everything in these pictures, particularly the bright colors paired with neutrals (like the bedding). And I totally want to work in that studio, too!

    Thanks for sharing these!

  • This place is great, it looks alot like my house. We have very similar tastes, can you please tell me where the glass accessory holder came from?

    Thanks so much

  • Wow, I am stunned by the awesomeness of this place! This is sort of my dream house, really. Anyway, I have that pointy-hatted gnome planter, purchased at a vintage shop a few months ago, and I’ve been searching all over for info on it. Shay, do you (or does anyone else reading this) know anything about the lil’ guy?

  • wow, i really love this house and all the love and personality in it. the studio looks especially bright, fun, and organized.

  • Would you mind sharing where the tall wooden bookcases are from? I’m desperately in need of a new one (the cheap particleboard bookcase that I have been meaning to upgrade finally fell apart) and am trying to find the perfect replacement.

  • I love their home! The use of color is fabulous. I hope I can be that bold. I love bright pops of color, but I get scared when thinking about putting them on walls where I live. And then I tell myself to get over it because I always love color in other people’s homes. Go figure.

  • I love this sneak peek! The kitchen is great and I love the use of color and pattern throughout. I can’t wait for more from fossil. The product is awesome so it makes since that their homes will be awesome as well!

  • agreed, a great house. lots of glorious detail and wonderful finds. i also want to know about that owl print is from. and my name is Natalie too, but that’s just some coincidence.

    i’d love to see how they adapt the house when the babies come… a follow-up is in order perhaps?

  • hi guys!

    just a quick note- we’ve let shay know about your questions regarding paint colors, furniture, etc.

    she will get to them as soon as she can, but she just gave birth to her baby boy so she may be slightly (an justifiably) delayed ;)


  • Fabulous house – I have one of those cupcakes in my bathroom, too! Congratulations on your new little one – what a nice, welcoming home to come to!

  • I think I am more jealous of this house than any other you’ve posted to date. The art wall is fantastic and all of the color looks amazing with the woodwork and exposed beams. The photo of the bedroom is far and away my favorite.

  • I love how their house is made up of many things. It’s modern, yet there is “stuff” everywhere creating a very cozy and inviting atmosphere. The pops of color keep it a joyful space. kudos to them for being so cute.

  • hey everyone,

    thank you for all your wonderful comments!!! i hope i can help answer some questions.

    i was able to track down our paint colors and am thrilled that they have inspired many of you to go bold :)

    in our bedroom:
    ralph lauren paint – aged mint

    in our living room:
    behr – sealife

    i found the quirky owl print in a vintage shop in seattle a couple of years ago. unfortunately i can no longer remember the name. hmm.

    the tall wooden bookcases are from IKEA. i just looked on the site and they no longer make this style :(

    i found the little gnome planters on ebay. they both had made in japan stickers on the bottom. last year i had succulents pouring out of them but never got around to it this summer.

    in case anyone is interested in the cupcake bowls you can find them here…www.roseandradish.com

    the glass accessory holder (the one with the monkey on top, right?) is something i stole from my parent’s house. my mom has all kinds of goodies!


  • I love that print above the bed and would love to know who’s the artist. And congrats on the baby!

  • I really, really need that Jack Summerford Egg Print…. I googled but couldn’t find anything. Can you help?

  • the design connection to stephanie levy makes so much sense. actually, the second photo in this tour looks like a stephanie levy collage. i love it!

  • This is a wonderful home, with incredibly creative and clearly very happy owners. I would imagine that it will only get better when the baby comes! :o) And I just snapped up some of those awesome sweater balls on etsy! Thanks for the tip!

  • I am amazed, not very often do I see houses where I love EVERYTHING! Love the mix of little drawers, graphical points and your art is very inspirational! I just wanna go make something and paint my whole house! Congrats on your little baby! Would be fun to see the nursery??
    Kari Anne (Norway)

  • hi again!

    im back with more info regarding a couple prints.

    the eggs print (in the kitchen) and book print (above our bed) are both from renowned designer jack summerford, one of our favorite designers and a mentor to my husband. he will have a website up this autumn with all of his works on paper, so we’ll have to update this post then. but in the meantime, jack said that you can email him (caprock@swbell.net), and he can keep you posted on his site or sell you a print if you would like one sooner.

  • Fantastic and inspirational. I love the the colorful array of the wall of books that seems to carry through to each space.

  • I like the quirky bits and pieces you have blended together to form your personality throughout the house.

    The pockets of personality and using every possible corner.

    There is no shortage or storage space used. All the lines are symmetrical and well planned out.

    You made the most of the existing interior and that is great!

    Shah is a lovely name.

    What I appreciate is that you have your own style, and that’s what counts.


  • What a cool place. I love the mid-century look, and they’re so lucky to have found this place intact. Seeing this look more in more at expos and thing though – great options if you’re collecting.

  • I am literally drooling. I had to see more so I followed the link. More eye candy found there also! My favourite part are the four vertically installed artworks with little trinkets resting on the frames. Just beautiful!

  • i just love the art work and the mix of colour and inspiration. i need a weekend getaway in this home! Just love the patchwork cushion on the bed! xx

  • it became my dream home… beside all the colorful supplements you have done, the house itself is also wonderful with its various textures…

  • What a delightful living and working space. I liked every room:) and those bird prints! I simply have to get one now!:)


  • I adore this house, It is totally inspiring! The wall to wall bookcases and the rock garden, Awesome! The kitchen is perfect and admire all the owl prints and cupcake ceramics.
    The design is colorful and shows a very HAPPY HOME!
    smiles, Cyndi

  • First, congrats on your baby. Second, I can’t believe you already responded! Third, I must know where the lamps over your bed are from. Gorgeous home…so airy, yet warm. Fab!

  • Love that you have ample and inviting play space and work space! DO LOVE your choice of color….Coveting the enamel bowl collection in the kitchen and couldn’t help SPY the Russell and Hazel binders on your bookshelves {of which I wish I had about 6 more!}
    I see the IKEA bookcases are discontinued- anyone looking for similar- I have custom made ones that used to be display cases in our retail store. (but it will only work to purchase them if you live in CHICAGO)
    Congratulations on the new babe and thanks for the great post!

  • adore adore adore this home. thanks for the info re. the jack summerford print – i had the same question! love it!

    and i agree – cannot BELIEVE you responded so fast after having your little one! you’re incredible. congratulations!

  • The pillow on her bed that looks like a patchwork petal flower is currently being sold at Pier 1 Imports for around $30. :) They also have a giant canvas with a similar patchwork flower that is beautiful, around $80.

  • hello!

    i have a few more answers for you guys!

    the lamps in our bedroom are actually original to the house which was built in 1961. they are found in every bedroom and are retractable.

    the pillow on my bed is from anthropologie, the orimono pillow – flower $88. i love the pier1 pillows as well, great suggestion :)

    i painted the large helvetica “a” in red as well as the ampersand in the kitchen and an asterisk in the guest bathroom. they are all on cradled gessobord. i love that there is no need to frame your artwork! you can find them at most art supply stores too.
    i planned on selling the letters on etsy but decided i couldn’t part with them :)

    and thanks for all the congrats on little baby milo. he is happy and healthy and sleeping peacefully throughout the day.

  • Wow! Insanely colorful, in a wonderful way. Love the letterforms & the retractable lamps. And that’s quite a book collection. How on earth do you keep it all clean?

  • i just love all the art work! incredible taste in decoration. in this home there are many things but so cleverly arranged that inspire calm and order!!

  • Wow, Shay I’m so delighted to see your beautiful house here! And congratulations on Milo, he’s gorgeous.
    Thanks for mentioning my artwork, it’s great to see where my collages live now. What a happy, colorful home :)
    All the best to you and your family!

  • great symbiose, love the original details in the mid century house… it’s a good thing the previous owners kept it all!

  • wow, this is really inspiring! it is a bit too much for my tastes, but i am inspired by their boldness and commitment to mid-century.

  • this house makes me smile! So wonderful, Shay!
    i can’t wait to see my bestie kate, and her hubby’s house profiled! (both her and ryan are members of the fossil clan!)

  • hi!
    the paint color in the bathroom is by Behr and is called watermark. it’s really subtle and soothing.

  • You guys have some great furniture and you do amazing things with color. I check this site daily and was happy to see some friends on here.
    Nice Job!

  • Hi Shay! I love your house! Can you tell me if your Flor Carpet Squares are the “Patch me if you can” rug kit? I bought the Robin’s Egg print from Beethings and am about to go back and get the pelican print. Love it! thanks!

  • hi kevin, hi stacey
    the large owl print is from a vintage shop in seattle. unfortunately i can’t figure out who the artist is by the tiny signature on the print.
    and yes, our carpet squares are from the “patch me if you” can rug kit. i wanted to mix and match and the kit was perfect.
    thanks for all your kind words!
    xo shayO

  • Love the books, and the color varieties. Lot’s of contrast. Looks like you were pretty thrifty with it as well. Good job.

  • Hi Shay. What an incredible house. I’m a big fan of color and this house looks like a lot of fun. I came across your link as I was looking for art cues around Fossil’s new interior look. LOVE it.

  • Could you tell me where you found that large, white, wall mounted accessory holder you have in your storage house? It would be a great addition to my craft room!

  • To Chrsity who just posted today…I was wondering the same thing and did a google search earlier knowing the whole time that I’d seen it somewhere and just tonight remembered it was in an old Blueprint magazine that I had. IT is made by vitra. But the Blueprint issue I found it in was published 2007 no idea if they still have it and it’s priced at a whopping $360! Sad I wanted it for my room as well. ; )

  • hi!
    okay i just tracked down the organizer by vitra. it’s called the uten.silo I wall organizer by dorthee becker for vitra. it is now priced at a hefty $425 at unicahome.com. my husband and i treated ourselves to it as our final piece for the studio. it was just meant for that space.
    by the way, one of my friends made something similar using boxes etc. and then painted the entire organizer one color.
    cheers! shayO

  • Where did you get that green desk and do you know who the maker is?

    Also where do you find those interesting white pockets on the side wall in the same photo?

    I love this entire thing! Thank you!

  • what a awesome colourful home! i could totally see myself living here, the kitchen is fantastic and i love the shelving in the mirror in the bathroom. adorable!

  • Hi Shay!
    I am in love with your home and I currently own a few bird prints and tees, you guys are awesome!
    I have been looking for the Wetter Indochine Cupcake Bowls everywhere, but Rose and Radish closed and I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Any ideas on where I would be able to get one? Thanks!

  • hey nat!
    i was so sad when rose and radish closed :( when they were out of stock i looked everywhere and had no luck. i did manage to get one of each color and i even have two small blue ones. i could part with it if you’re interested :) email me at shayo@bee-things.com.
    and thanks so much for the kind words! xo shayO

  • The ceramic cupcakes in your kitchen are CUTIES!! Where to find? Thanks Shay :)