sneak peek: samantha reitmayer of style/SWOON


samantha reitmayer is a dallas based graphic designer at rovillo + reitmayer, a design firm specializing in work for luxury brands such as neiman marcus, the dallas center for the performing arts and the new cowboys stadium.  as if her [graphic] design work isn’t gorgeous enough, our jaws dropped when we first saw this sneak peek into her truly incredible home. sam moved into this house about a year and a half ago – a smaller house in the middle of the city. she claims that the exterior is nothing to speak about, but wow – the interior she’s created is seriously something out of heaven (check out TONS more images here)! don’t miss sam’s inspiring new blog, style/SWOON, which is equally as swoon-worthy as her home! {thanks, sam! and to julia rothman for the awesome tip!} -anne

(gorgeous photos by manny rodriguez)

Another all girl thing I did in this house is my dressing room. Technically it’s my second bedroom but really it’s one big closet. Shoes, jewelry, scarves, jackets, my closet are all carefully place in here so it feels like I’m shopping most of the time. :)

In the kitchen there was a horrible fluorescent light and plain jane ceiling. I had some old wood that was laying in my backyard for about a year installed. It is great because it’s a mix of different kinds of wood so they all aged differently and it brings a lot of warmth and depth to my tiny kitchen. I love chalkboard paint and that back wall couldn’t be anything more than painted since I had to access the pantry so the chalkboard made it lighthearted and fun. One of the keys to the kitchens success is the light fixtures from Restoration Hardware …they have truly great lighting. A little vintage but new and shiny and I know it won’t burn my house down!

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I wanted this house to be very feminine. My last home was pretty modern and stark white… I kept elements of it but this one I wanted to be warm and comfy. I had a conscience effort to make it lovely, go all girl and anything I wanted. Hence my first and probably still most favorite purchase, what I call my “women warrior armoire”. It’s an antique and certainly the most expensive thing I own but so well worth it. The doors have the busts of two amazing angels who I interpret to look like warriors. It’s got ridiculous storage and it’s just honestly one of my most coveted things in my home. It really set the tone for what this place was going to be.



Most of my home is about texture. I have lots of variations of a neutral color palette but I don’t feel like it gets boring because of
the little twists. The only art that I should point out is “The ghost of Elvis” by tStone. It’s a metal sculpture that I picked up from my great friend Terri Stone. She’s got an amazing eye for design but also a great sense of humor in all of her work.


I fully believe in large mirrors and ceiling treatments to enhance the size of a small room. In the bedroom I ripped out the plain ceiling fan and has installed what I refer to as a “Hamptons style” ceiling treatment of painted light blue bead board and white beams. It makes the 8′ ceiling feel at least 9’and again makes the room feel like a retreat.


You can see rustic elements all throughout my house, I don’t want everything to be soooo perfect. I like a little twist here and there. The tree stumps in my bedroom as side tables are something that has traveled with me through the years (and yes, I totally stole them from a neighbor who cut down a tree). I love the way they are paired with the antique sconces and crystals. In the bedroom, I had a thin piece of furniture made (probably about 8″ deep) to house my television and an electric fireplace. The bedroom isn’t huge but I wanted to keep the open space and I wanted the bedroom to feel like a retreat so the wood and the faux fire warm it up.




I love white, I’m sure you picked up on that! It’s funny…I don’t really wear all white all the time but I love the shot the photographer took of half my closet that is all white and with my cowboy boots peeking out. I’m from Texas so I like the little elements throughout the house that feel a little country, the boots, the antlers, the wood…all of course paired with something chic but I think it’s cool to mix those kinds of things together. I got those great closet door handles in downtown McKinney and I adore them as much as my armoire. I call these my Buddhist angel mermaids.







Melissa Jo

I might die. DIE! The best sneak peak I have ever seen. Wouldn’t change one thing. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.


the most beautiful sneak peek i’ve seen. so luxurious, so femme, so sexy and so fun! I WANT IT!


Wow, that is stunning! I am blown away by how much you were able to do using such a simple color scheme… I agree, emily kate, I am jealous!

Beth Dotolo

I follow her blog regularly!! I’m an Interior Designer here in Dallas and she always keeps me interested with the homes she highlights and the parties she features – this is no different. Samantha, if you’re reading this… Your home is absolutely amazing!! Great style and wonderful job pulling it all together.


What a fabulous home – especially loving the kitchen – the wood ceiling and the light fixtures = wow!

Katrina Lynn

seriously….. one of my favorite posts ever!!!! I adore the contrast of all the neutral whites with the rustic dark woods. the tiny elements of surprise like those mermaid goddess handles! The layers of textures and the juxtaposition of new and old, modern and traditional. This is how a home should be, used and collected over time. I also love “the ghost of elvis” sculpture. AH-MAZING.

Kara Carmichael

I love her pale pink and white color scheme and varying textures! The updated look to her older treasures is stunning. I’d like to luxuriate in this home…[sigh]


This is absolutely stunning! Every detail is immaculate! It expresses both an urban and a rustic flair – even though it’s in Dallas, I could easily see it fitting in here in NYC, where my blog, naked notes ( is based. This beautiful home is certainly something to which we can all aspire.


This might be my most favorite home you’ve ever posted, Grace! I can’t get over the mix of modern and rustic, plus the texture everywhere! LOVE IT!


I love how the contrasting textures and surfaces energize the neutral palette and give the entire house a sort of luminescence.


thanks leila! we have julia rothman to thank for it- she suggested samantha’s home. i’m still in awe- her space is insanely gorgeous. i still don’t know how it hasn’t been in a magazine yet. but i bet it will be soon now ;)


i. love. this. house.
i hardly ever comment but this place is ridiculous. She had me at the shoes…


this is an amazing sneek peek. she’s right…her mixture of modern and rustic is warm, cozy, and elegant. lovely!


wonderful! the frame within the frame is clever. the magazine stash under the bed is just brilliant.


what a sophisticated mingling of rough and refined…so well edited.

“buddhist angel mermaids”…funny, and perfect.


*sigh* I’m in love with those huge wooden doors in her dressing room and the wood ceiling in the kitchen. Lovely!

Uncle Beefy

Aw, crap! I’m meeting up with Sam when she comes to Seattle and now I won’t be able to look her in the face! She’ll sense my house shame now, Grace, I just know she will! ;)

Gggggorgeous! I LOVE the flat screen/fireplace treatment in the bedroom. Yeah, it’s all pretty spectacular.



Okay you all are so kind and I’m not worthy of all these wonderful comments. Each one has absolutely made my day!! Thank you again Grace, Anne and Julia!! xo


You might be the female John Derian. Your home is tres inspriring!

Jessica Watson

This is just the right balance of feminine, modern, classic, subdued and over the top. It’s probably not something I could ever do because a) I live with a boy and b) I love color too much, but it is a design from which I can definitely gain a ton of inspiration. Kudos! It’s gorgeous!


OH….my second bedroom…a closet! I am on it right now….why I never thought of that I don’t know, thank you! Your home is just stunning!


wow I love that space! the light is fantastic and feels very “homey.” GORGEOUS!


Incredible taste. A lot of depth and different textures that together create a warm, playful and gorgeous space. Outstanding.


I have the same chandelier as in the bedroom, that I was ready to pitch because it is shiny (but pitted) brass….Maybe a coat of white spray paint is all it needs! I’m surprised at how much I like this post, since I’m usually all about color. Great textures.


This is perfection! I love the kitchen…

I also think it is wonderful how it has such a feminine feel at times yet can also be translated as masculine at others.

Very difficult to find that balance. Lovely!


Sam @PrettyLovely


Love the space!

Grace–thanks for including most of the images with the post. I’ve been skipping photo tours on some other sites lately because they’re so cumbersome and poorly set up.


thanks riye-

i’m still monkeying around with the way home tours are displayed, but i’m doing my best to find a way to display things cleanly and as visually appealing as possible :)



this house is absolutely beautiful!!! Can I just come over and hang out? Such a girls paradise!


When I see houses like this I get so inspired – it is absolutely beautiful – I must go do something NOW! :) Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home – and Texas is fantastic for style. I’m an Australian living in Fort Worth for the past 8 years – love it here!


Where are those amazing shoes in the first photo from? Must own. Your home is phenomenal.


love the open storage on the bed. who makes it?


This is an amazing mix, I love every bit of it! White is my favorite too and the details in this house are amazing.


Can you please ask her to share her beautiful paint color(s) with us?


I just got home from an insanely long day and this post made the stress of it all melt away. I am speechless. Beautiful home. Impeccable taste. I am in love!


I’m friends with Sam (so lucky!) and have been to this amazing house recently. I just want to know, when is she opening a store?!?! Can I apply for credit now? :)


LOVE it. The kitchen is my favorite with the wood ceiling and awesome light fixtures. The whole feel is comfy, woodsy and serenly natural. Hummm. Lots of ideas are coming from this post. Thanks!


Oh my, this is by far my favorite sneak peek yet. I’m almost speechless. What a beautiful yet lived in looking home. Thanks!


This is perfect! Not too rustic, not to glam, just the perfect combination of all things LOVELY.
Oh, it’s so so lovely.


This is my favorite sneak peek yet! I love the variety of wood she uses and the way she changed the kitchen ceiling. Amazing!

melissa m.

Wow! I can’t believe so many truly exceptional items could be contained in one place. Usually with these tours, I’ll see one or two things I love and just like the overall house, but here… I love so much!


Swoon. Sigh. Love. Amazing. Dissatisfaction (with my own place!) … Seriously, this is so amazingly lovely!


Im with Kathy on this one.
this place is Redulously devine!

Even her clothes in her closet look fab…..

stupidly jealous right now.


Oh My God, every shot is so luxurious and cool. I need to renovate ASAP!!!!


I started my day yesterday daydreaming of being a ladybug in this house and yet I’m back again with cup of coffee in hand and an hour to spend daydreaming of being a meager fly on any wall in this girl’s paradise of a space. It’s simply divine and the owner is nothing short of a design genius.


I want to be able to have that much white in my wardrobe! My 20kilo Labrador puppy and my 2 boys have pretty much guaranteed that white is something rarely seen on me these days. So jealous. Amazing place. Especially love the blue ceiling in the bedroom.


Kim D.

Every inch of Sam’s home is amazing. I can’t get enough of the photos. I’m going over to style/Swoon to encourage her to move out so I can move in. She’ll have to leave everything, even the clothes. Fabulous .


LOVE this…the mixture of white and rustic is just top notch! Sam, you blow me away.


If I even stepped foot in this place I would never leave… I don’t even want to leave the web page.

Great taste, design, everything.

Absolutely love it!


I would never expect anything less from you Sam. Beautiful! I love it!


This is the first sneak peak that I’m bookmarking — I just want to be in it all the time! Thanks so much for giving us a look at something so feminine yet strong. Perfect!


This is very very cool. Such a strange and wonderful world this must be to live in.

Lisa M

Kathy, I’m so with you. She had me at the pale pink wedge heeled shoes. And the rest of it – my goodness, what a home.

aunt mim

Move over shabby-chic! This si the real thing! Lovely done and easy on the eye!


This Is Amazing…I was looking at all the pictures with my jaw dropped to my keyboard…

This Style is so Natural it looks like it all falls into place like you didn’t even try. Natural. Lovely. A job well done!

Stephen Wade

I really enjoy the use of wood planks on the kitchen ceiling. That never would have occurred to me to cozy the space up that way. Well done!


Gorgeous home! I love all the wood and varying textures. I’m a graphic designer too and I checked out the Rovillo and Reitmayer site – you do great work! Very inspiring.


Exquisite! Where did you find that chaise in your dressing room? Love!!


Oh my goodness..there is a perfect balance between the weathered, antique pieces and the clean inviting (yet…haunting…?) tones utilized in each space.

Samantha–are you looking for an assistant? Because I know a lovely unemployed young lady who is brand new to Dallas ;)

Thanks for sharing your home!!


so luxe… i can’t get over the beauty of this space! amazing…


I’m so glad to know that somebody out there lives like this. My life wouldn’t fit into a space like Sam’s but it’s just jaw-dropping gorgeous.
Absoulutely fabulous. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful! Any idea what color the bedroom walls are painted?


This home is beautiful! I love everything about it, but am especially smitten with the kitchen. Soooo good.


There’s no way someone actually LIVES here. Are you sure this isn’t a stylish hotel? Amazing!


the scheme is gorgeous, but a bit pale for my taste. do you guys think this look can be done in color?


omg! i loved your place!!!! the whole color palatte works soo clean and great! and your kitchen, even if its tiny its gorgeous! :3


Absolutely the most beautiful home I’ve seen. Ever.


That’s an absolutely stunning house. Unique. She really has her own style and I think it’s fabulous.


Amazing- so envious!
Samantha, where did you get that white chair in first pic (the one with mirrored table)?

Jennifer D.

Hey there. Can you tell me about the round piece from which the bedroom chandelier hangs? I’d love to find one!

I so enjoyed your post!


YOU, my dear, are truly my hero. For reals. onefinelady said it best and all I can add is …wow.


Where is that amazing mirrored desk from? I’m looking for one right now!