sneak peek: lotus bleu


lotus bleu is a home decor and interior design company that has been shaped by designer jeannie fraise’s love of travel, artistic background, and design experience. today we have a wonderful sneak peek into jeannie’s “liberty hill” house which is a celebration of her extensive world travels with her husband and her two children from vietnam and china, and i just love the way she uses artwork to honor the different cultures.  her san francisco home in the vibrant mission district of the san francisco and sits on liberty hill, a national register historic neighborhood. don’t miss tons more images of this beautiful home here! [thanks, jeannie (and allie)!] -anne

[above: The master bedroom features art from modern Vietnamese artists collected during travels and abstract painting by San Francisco artist Lee Danziger, mixed with lighting from the south of France, vintage modern furniture and English and Chinese antiques. ]


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The kitchen and family room are the heart of the home, full of life with her son and daughter’s artwork and presence. Versatile furniture, bold color and pattern and unique pieces from around the world make for a lively place for eating, playing and learning.




Jeannie Fraise designed their infant daughter and son’s bedrooms to be crisp and playful, yet ageless and modern without prescribing to child-like style. She celebrated her children’s Vietnamese and Chinese cultures through modern Asian art and spirited furnishings, mixing artisan aesthetics with mid-century furniture upholstered in vibrant, graphic textiles. The clear, crisp colors connect the joyful essence of all three bedrooms.






The exterior spaces allow for more enjoyment of the great weather of which the Mission district proudly boasts. The lower garden and playhouse are seen from Jeannie’s home office work space, that houses two desks, many a filing cabinet, and where organization and tidiness abound to make great use of space, including a full set of shelves tucked into what used to be a closet.  The beautiful view of garden and play keep her feeling inspired and creative!




With a full expansive view of the cityscape from the porch just attached, this is indeed the center of this warm and comfortable San Franciscan home.



outstanding…i love the balance between traditional and modern styles


fantastic use of color!! i especially love the wallpaper in the bathroom. thanks so much for sharing this.


Love this home…thank you for sharing, so very inspiring!


what is the blue and orange fabric in the son’s room?


Wow. Nice. What is that art that is hanging in the middle of all of the family photos 6 photos up from the bottom? Love. Love. Love.


Wow, what a perfect shade of red for the walls, and what a beautiful apartment in general. Thank you for sharing this!


I love seeing a house that looks real people live in it. It’s beautiful, practical and warm.


I love this space! So many colors and textures. I love the nursery and that wide orange chair. Where is it from?

catherine reimer

thank you so much for featuring this home!! i love the blend of east and west…exquisite

Beto's Girl

but wait! where is everything ELSE from?? i love it ALL!!


Lovely home! In the first description, I think you meant to write that you have artwork from San Francisco artist Reed Danziger (not Lee Danziger).


The shower curtain is from Anthropologie. The only reason I know this is that I am buying one off from my neighbor this evening for $25 (Normally runs $98-118). There is one on Ebay as well right now, but is no longer in stores.


The shower curtain is Kaiku by Marimekko. LOVE IT! Am actually using is as curtains in my soon-to-be-nursery. It’s much more affordable than the fabric, and is the perfect size to make 2 panels.


I call this intelligent ecclectic design :) There is a strong theme in Asian arts and interior, but then many rooms comfortably diverge from the theme without distruption. Well done! This home is very pleasing to the eyes.


Can you tell me who designed the blue/grey l-shaped couch? I’ve been looking for something like it for a while…..Beautiful home!

Sarah Farrell

This house is really excellent, the rugs in the little girl and boy’s rooms raised an eyebrow. Where are they from?

Corinna White

While the red is a little overwhelming for my taste, the use of color is so delightfully inspiring; I especially love the pink lamp on the black desk next to the orchid with the blue tapestry behind. thanks for spotlighting this home!


love the honesty of the toys everywhere!!! Having a family – amazing! Incorporating their “needs” into a lovely space – priceless!


I love everything about this space especially THE CRIB! Any idea where the crib and orange change table/dresser are from?


I absolutely adore the funkiness of the powder room wallpaper.

Would really like to know where the stair carpet is from. Love it…


I really, really love every single room, textures, colours, culture and combination brought beautifully and artfully together.

There is so much range that is absolutely attractive to the eye.

The pretty colours and combinations of orange/pink, blue’s/greens, black/white and gold, including a natural wood feel also throughout – gives a classy, simple and yet easy living componant to this inviting home.

A cosy home with a past and future!



Does anyone know where the children’s table and chairs are from? I have been looking for one for a long time and love this look.


love the use of color, especially the green bathroom!


I love this home. I am always enthralled with those that can design their home and incorporate their children so well, an aesthetic I am trying to employ in my own home.

I love the wooden toys, any sources/stores for those?

Jasmine Kelly

So beautiful! Very artful… I am wondering where you found that amazing medicine cabinet in the bathroom…

Stacey Brawner

Great place- where is the orange rug in the kids’ room from?


i love allllll your storage spaces they look great and are so order ToT i wish i could do that, and omg! your porch looks sooo great fresh and comfortable ! great place!


the bathroom mirror is my favorite. i had no idea you get one in that shape and style.

also the bedside lamps are great. i love the balance of color, and the choices to repurpose fabrics.