sneak peek: lisa mayock of vena cava


lisa mayock is one half of vena cava. along with sophie buhai, the two started the company after graduating from parsons in 2003, and sell to about 150 stores globally, with key accounts such as barneys, saks and bergdorfs. they recently started a blog, where we regualrly post awesome street finds, recipes, inspiring photos, music and other things they love. today we’re so happy to share the brooklyn home of the stylish lisa mayock (it’s totally fun looking at her home in conjunction with her clothing collections). click here for more images of lisa’s home, and here to find all our fabulous sneak peeks! {thanks, lisa!} -anne

[above: the dining room table was a street find (!!) in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, near our Vena Cava studio. I couldn’t believe that someone was actually getting rid of such a great table, so I wasn’t going to take it- and the owner happened to walk out of his home right then. He explained tha the loved the table, but didnt have room for it in his new place, and proceeded to call me a car to take the table, take it apart, and help me load it into the car- so unbelievably nice!! The chairs are a score from the flea market in Brimfield, MA, which I recovered in African fabric. Brimfield is a killer flea market that happens for one week three times a year.]

view from my living room into the bedroom. I found this life-size porcelain monkey at Modest Designs on Wythe Street, which inspired me to paint this one wall dark navy so the monkey was more prominent. I love one dark wall in a white room. The chair- Im not sure if its a real wassily but whatever- is from housing works- their website is a total goldmine.


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my bedroom, with a black and white striped Ikea rug with a vintage brown striped horse blanket over it (Ive tripped over the buckle and almost ate it innumerable times), a CB2 printed comforter, and a 70s black flocked poster that says “just bone me” This poster made me laugh out loud when I found it, and my partner Sophie suggested it go over the bed, which is now its new home.


my living room. The rug and white couch are hand-me-dows from my parents. I had the lucky timing of moving into my first real apt just as they were moving out of my childhood home.


my closet. The white hands are from an ebay store that just sells parts of mannequins- hands, feet, whatever you like, in bulk.
I love arranging these- theyre beautiful and slightly creepy.


my ’40s pink tiled bathroom.


an amazing white cutout lamp I found at Brimfield (many of my key finds are from here) It was knocked over by the wind recently and shattered, so I spent several hours epoxying it back together and then chained to the ceiling so it couldnt fall over again. The print it a Milton Glaser poster. I have several of his posters in my bedroom- I love his work.
Candida Drew-Prior

Gorgeous! I have never seen a old fashioned bathroom look so cool!

Jess W.

I love the yellow curtains in the bedroom. I’m going to have to steal that idea. I also love how you can completely see how her style translates into both her home and the designs at vena cava.


The table was a FIND? I am swooning with jealousy. Lovely home, I am completely inspired by all the color and patterns (…I can decorate like Vena Cava, even if I can’t wear it!)


that you chained your beloved lamp to the ceiling made me snort. I love that.


Does the poster above her bed say “Just Bone Me”? I need to see that poster up close.


That navy blue wall is stunning. I love how it frames the bedroom.

And her bathroom looks a lot like mine!


Interesting how there are two artworks featured over the bed…is one G-rated for guests/parents, I wonder?


Teehee to Tia’s comment.

And yes, that huge chain connected to the lamp is sort of hilarious. Although with such a neat lamp like that, I would probably do something similar.


the poster, does indeed, say “Just Bone Me”… and am I correct in saying it features skeletons in several… ahem… positions?

lovely home!


I adore those yellow curtains, and I’m totally stealing that bathroom look when I move into my new place next month!


What color is this blue paint?? I LOVE it with those curtains? might you tell us where those are from as well?


Sophie @ Century Finds

I hadn’t noticed until Jenna’s comment that the artwork was different in the two pictures! I love the apartment, especially the table (of course) and the blue of that rug. And the monkey is inspired!


LOVE the yellow curtains, wish my husband would let me put up something similar. And the poster…..i had a little chuckle to myself. I would maybe move that when the in-laws come to visit.


thank you for sharing your beautiful home; i am jealous. i know the carpet is from your parents, but where on earth did they find something that lovely?


How strange to call the mudcloth your dining room chairs are covered with “African fabric”. That’s about as specific as calling toile “European fabric”….

That aside, they look great!


Your blog is so I was surprised and amazed at its beauty and temperament, of course, has its beauty and temperament of the owner, I am from China, have their own website and blog, but a far cry from you, but I believe that there will always be one day more than you, I loved the Design * Sponge


Great sense of pattern merging and blending for wonderful and fun appeal. Love the styles and love the bold flat weaves and layering of rugs in the bedroom. Bravo, you got style!