sneak peek: kate and ryan white of fossil


i’ve always dreamed of living an apartment that originally served another purpose, and kate and ryan white – catalog merchant and watch designer for fossil – are living my dream. this couple that got married last september found their first home in a 1920s building that used to be the department store tiche-goettinger [in dallas]. not only do they have a great location downtown, but their home is where the president’s office was located. their suite has kept its historical and architectural appeal with gorgeous wood paneling, authentic casement windows, ornate crown molding, panoramic views of the city, and to top it off, a bathroom with a stall! click here for more full-sized images, and stay tuned for more sneak peeks from fossil! [thanks, kate and ryan!] -anne

[above: This is where the president’s secretary’s office was located.  We built a planter in the windowsill which is full of succulent plants.  This window overlooks the park. All the art-work in our home was painted by my talented husband.  See his artwork right here]

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I like the cool shades of aqua and green in our bedroom.  Our dresser was a wedding present given to my parents over 30 years ago.


Pedestal sink, original black & white hexagon tile, and a marble stall for the bathroom.  Yes-a stall!

We have a galley style kitchen and I love the vintage green pendant lights!



love the idea of living in an apartment that originally served another purpose – our last pad was in a “foie gras” factory (i.e. kitchens, packaging & distribution, not the farm) in downtown strasbourg.


i love that kitchen table. it’s exactly the type of design that I’m looking for to go with my craigslist chairs that i bought recently!


Thanks for doing Dallas proud! I’m so happy that D*S people get to see how fun, funky and design-minded Dallas can be! Yay Fossil people.


Beautiful space…the kitchen is a bit blah though. Looks really modern compared to the rest of the place.


Love Fossil…Love their home! Love the honeycomb tiles in the bathroom, they look original! And the wall art, stunning!


I love the photo frame collage. It’s hard to take small prints and photos and really make stand out and with your framing at matting you did it well. Love the larger than life print through out too!


Totally disappointing that the peek mentions the bathroom’s unique features twice, but doesn’t show them. Seconding the call for more photos! Also: anyone have any thoughts about the possibility of adding floorplans (even rough sketches) to these features? They’re incredibly inspiring in a 2-D way, but understanding furniture placement and a home’s flow (for example) is a huge aspect of design, too! Sometimes, when I look at these, I want to be able to place the gorgeous rooms spatially–this next to this, this around the corner from that. Just a thought…



i don’t believe we were sent a version of the bathroom with an image of the stall. i’ll check with the owners.

any additional images we have live in the flickr set linked to in the post above.



Awesome place. Love the artwork. Someone has a lot of talent. The decorator has a good eye for color and design.


Wow!! I love your place!! Awesome artwork and the decorating…absolutely stunning!! I want to see more pics too!!


Gorgous apartment! I love the wood panelling! We could do with more of it in the land of Aus!!!


LOVED all the artwork! Would look great in my place! Are they for sale?


great space! digging all the light in the living room.


that wine holder peeking out from the hallway is awesome! any idea where we can grab one??

Kate & Ryan

Hi Courtney- We bought 3 Ikea VURM wine racks and arranged them together.

Frances Beaulieu

I love your space..I have been searching forever for a shaggy soft pillow like the one in your beautiful chair by the window in the first shot. Please, please tell me where you got it.