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sneak peek: jill elliott sones of fossil

by anne

lately we’ve been lucky enough to have a handful sneak peeks into the beautiful homes of the team at fossil (don’t miss shay’s incredible place here!). today we’re looking into the dallas of creative director, jill elliott sones who works with the collaborative team that works on the brand direction. jill recently got married and the result we see here are the merged styles of jill’s eclectic, quirky tendencies with her husband’s more modern and clean aesthetic. for the two of them their traditional 1945 tudor home provided the perfect contrast for their modern furnishings and vintage collections, and the open floor plan makes it perfect for entertaining and living big in a small space. click here for additional, full-sized images., and you can find all our incredible sneak peeks (of all styles) right here. [thanks, jill!]anne

[above: One of my vintage collections is Russel Wright pottery.  I love the clean lines and muddled color in this set. One of my favorite features of the house –the previous homeowner installed this wide plank, rustic ceiling (in the kitchen).]

CLICK HERE for the rest of Jill’s peek after the jump!



I wanted to create a playful guest bathroom – hence the polka dots and mint green walls.


I love the calm and natural light of our bedroom.  The neutral walls, furniture and charcoal bedding allowed me to convince my husband that the green bird pillow was not too feminine!


I’m always researching and love to print inspiring images as I go.  My office here and at Fossil are consistent in that I have a bulletin board always in progress…


This is my favorite chair in our house.  I have wasted many a night here curled up with my laptop and a glass of wine.  The painting on the mantle is by a biochemist in Dallas who uses her research of atoms and cells as artistic inspiration, weird and beautiful at the same time.


I’m book obsessed – home, design, art, cookbooks – I love them all equally and have worked them in as art to nearly every room.  The black and white painting is the Chicago skyline.  We lived there for a bit, and a friend painted this for us to capture that time in our lives!

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  • This might be one of my favorite sneak peaks ever. I love the color palette and the books everywhere and the kitchen chairs and the office setup – I just love it all! Can you tell me where you got the white storage unit in your office?

  • I remember Shay’s space. This one is fabulous too! Wow! Cutest washroom sign…and the mantle…mmm!! Great peek into the kitcheb–I love the cabinets. This one is definitely going in my favorites.

  • Hi Guys! Thanks so much for the kind comments!

    Ashley – the white storage unit is from Ikea. It’s part of the Alex series – it’s great to store paper and other craft goodies.

  • i love the simplicity, and the great editing down to really effective accent pieces

  • Great home! Soothing colors, I especially like the green on the wall behind the desk and the darker grey behind the bookcase. It’s done enough without feeling hectic.

  • Could you share the name of the artist who created the mantlepiece painting? I love it.

  • I really love your bathroom — so bright and inviting!

    My grandpa used to have a chair just like yours as well. He used his for reading the newspaper and having his happy hour martini while listening to Dean Martin. Glad to know you enjoy yours too!

  • Wow, everything looks fantastic. I especially love the bedroom! Will you help me redo my bedroom?

  • Hi Again! The artist is Sarah Maxwell – and thankfully she contacted me from this post – because I wasn’t actually sure of her name! She is NOT a biochemist as I thought, but a very talented artist that finds biology interesting. Check out her site.


  • the “playful” bathroom is awesome. i love bathrooms with a little fun & merriment involved, rather than more serious or subdued monochromatic creamy ones.

  • I love the house, but what I am especially thrilled to see is the candleholder on the kitchen table set at an ANGLE. I believe that is an Ikea tealight holder in beechwood and at Ikea we designers are told never to angle anything in roomsettings. Never. I don’t know why, it looks fantastic, but (as they say) them are the rules. No Angling. No Staggering. No Draping.

  • Love the mixed styles!
    Like Julie I love the sofa too! And the white dining chairs. Can you tell where they’re from?

  • Please, please, please tell me where your dining room table is from. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  • What a delightful home! Simple but tastefully decorated. Love the colors and decor!
    Sarah’s work is beautiful and her blog is awesome too!

  • @ Christy – the white dining chairs are Emeco brand. I got them years ago on consignment. If you google Emeco you’ll find several retailers that carry that brand.

    @DLo – the dining room table is from Ikea, we bought it a few years back.

  • Hey – glad to see a little something from London made it over! john Lewis is such a great store – esp their textile/fabric dept! we’re just doing up our new home and have had many a great find there! so for anyone planning a trip over – def check it out!

  • Jill – I LOVE it. It’s been way too long since we’ve been down to see it in person. So many good memories, though! :)

  • Gorgeous! I know you’ve had a million requests but I love the grey paint in your dining room. Can you tell me the brand/shade. Thanks!!

  • Love the contrast of the colorful books with the black bookshelf. Such a simple concept, but great.

  • I love the bookshelf. Can you tell me where u purchased it at? Also, love the Chicago sklyine picture. I am originally from there and it brings back memories.

  • Hi Laura,

    Thanks so much! The bookshelf is actually from Target. It’s over 7 years old tho, so no longer in their line. So sorry! I love the Chicago skyline picture too…a great memory of that wonderful city!

  • Thanks Jill for the info regarding the bookshelf. How funny that I actually purchased a bookshelf from Target(not knowing at the time that is where u purchased yours) that is very similiar to yours. I thought, hmm that looks familiar. Maybe it is their new version! Again, you have a very lovely home. Thanks for sharing.

  • i love the shower cutain. is it, by chance, from walmart? i’ve seen a similar one there.

  • Amazing, the home looks so beautiful and eye catching after doing a perfect home renovation. Interior designing is also incredible which complements all the things in the house. You have done a superb job I will surely use some of designing patterns. Thanks for sharing!!