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sneak peek: frederick biehle and erika hinrichs

by anne

every year we love what the students at pratt produce and show for brooklyn designs, so we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the homes of their professors to help understand where the inspiration is coming from. this sneak peek is into the apartment of frederick biehle and erika hinrichs, associate professors of architecture, and their daughter, calder. last year they gut renovated the entire interior space after purchasing the c. 1875 “townhouse” unit in the old eagle warehouse at the base of the brooklyn bridge. the result of the renovation is less townhouse and more vertical loft, as they exposed as much brick as possible (which i always love), designed an open stair that runs the three floors and opened a connection between the lower and middle floors. the bedrooms are on the top level, like a treehouse. click here to see more. [thanks, frederick and erika!] anne

[above: Top floor, Calders room- This is a view from our daughter’s (calder) bedroom into the stairhall and then to the master bedroom wall. The walls and doors are fabricated from steel with etched glass panels to help bring light across the floor and down into the stairwell. The floors were made of bamboo.]

CLICK HERE for the rest of frederick and erika’s sneak peek after the jump!

The open steel stair with ss cable railing runs up two floors creating a sectional opening through the space. the brick wall leads to the exterior wall which has another entry door to the street, but one must cross a steel “bridge” to get there that spans another opening to the lower level. This floor is all about the making meals and eating together.

Living area seen from the stair with exposed brick walls on three sides, tile floor and artwork. The rug is by angela adams.

Eat in counter area with stools by bluedot, you can see the granite counters and tile floor.

View from the stair where you can see the entire kitchen which is totally open and quite long. The cabinets all run full height and were made from natural cane.

Kitchen clock and Sabina- View in the kitchen across cooktop counter to the cabinet wall. Clock is from MOMA, cat is one of two, named Sabina, a sphinx. [right:] The entrance from the building interior is winds around some cabinets where you first encounter the stair

This is the same view [as top image] looking from the master bedroom to the hallway and then our daughters room. The fatboy beanbag chair is in the foreground, her stuffed animals in the background.

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  • What a neat space! The modern details look great with the exposed brick. The living room seems a little cramped with the furniture arrangement but I love the way the art is displayed and that sofa looks so comfy. Great kitchen!

    • kathy

      i have actually- sadly i’m limited to homes in my area, and i can’t really shoot very good video on my own in terms of home tours. but i’m going to test it out again in a few weeks for a trip to baltimore- hopefully i can find a way to do justice to the homes. i find bigger pictures always work a little better. ;)


  • I love the use of materials in this home. The steel and glass doors are wonderful (both swinging and sliding I see?). My favorite part has to be the stairs. I could go for a photograph of the stairs alone. I agree about the furniture arrangement in the living room, but overall, I’m impressed. It’s a little unusual seeing a modern styled home with a child’s presence clearly stated. It lets me know it can be done. (sorry for the long comment)

  • Grace, the interior photography on your blog is always stunning… maybe you could talk a little about how it’s shot and what makes successful photos of interiors? I always thought of it as user-submitted, and it’s beautiful work… would love to know more! I’m also often curious about locations of the sneak peeks, which this one describes nicely. Love the lines of this home. :)

    • hi jessie!

      thanks- we usually look for interior shots that are clean, full of color, styled (but not over-styled) and are shot in bright, natural morning light. we don’t always get those in one shot, but we do our best- we work with photos submitted by the home owners so we try to give them as many guidelines as possible for creating a pleasant shot :)


  • Fred and Erika, great place!!!!!!!!!!! You make every project fun for all of the trades in construction!!!!!!!!!!

  • not crazy about this one. missing that homey personal lived in feel. the LR is a bit of an anomaly though-space is eclectic but no theme really bringing it all together. awk furniture. like the cow cereal bowls though.

  • I love those steel/glass doors! I’ve been thinking about using something like that to separate a room in our loft. Could you tell me who makes those?

  • I don’t have a sphynx, just two adorable black shorthair rescue girls. But I am friends with a sphynx and they are very sweet and cuddly. Don’t feel wierd either.

    Great home

  • what a space! wish we could see more of the LR. and i think it looks super homey. except for the cat…