sneak peek: elisabeth dunker


for our final sneak peek of the day we’re traveling to sweden to the home of stylist/photographer elisabeth dunker. she is the founder of lula, a multi-disciplinary art and design partnership. but these days finds her self freelancing as a stylist and photographer with interior design and fashion, and most of her time is devoted to studio violet – a joint venture with camilla engman, working on anything from graphic design to illustration, photography or whatever comes their way. i always love when we have peeks into the homes of stylists, especially for use of color and texture, and elisabeth’s place is simply divine. click here for additional, full-sized images, and don’t miss more slices from elisabeth’s life on her beautiful blog, fine little day. {thanks, elisabeth!} -anne

[above: I have a taste for yellow, gold color which feel pleasant and warm and are a good combination with the grey.  In other respects I think a lot of the material when decorating. I like “real material” like wool, wood and stone. I´m also drawn to worn surfaces, for the same reason I like the rough details in this apartment – it feels lived.]

The whole family likes to watch tv a lot, except me. I practically never watch tv,  I can´t concentrate on it – there are too many other fun things to do. Anyway, this is where they sit when they watch, on our grey Ikea Karlanda sofa (Don’t know if they have it anymore). We´ve started to build a wall with paintings here as well. The two profiles are made by Tovalisa and Otto. The eyes are made by a legendary swedish graphic designer, Olle Eksell. The other two, flea finds.

The kitchen is the only place where we have curtains. Otherwise the sun would blind us in the middle of day when eating lunch. The light is however one of the greatest things with this apartment. We have a lot of it, from two directions right through the whole apartment. We spend a lot of time with each other here – I would say it´s kind of the heart of our home. The kitchen lamp is a classic  PH, Poul Henningsen lamp. We like the delightful light it gives.

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The plate wall was made just recently with some of this summer vintage finds. My favorites are the white big plate in the middle by a french designer, Lily Scratchy and the two old plates from From Teknisk / Norway (the square shaped with figures and horses + figures who play tennis. Also, we (me and my daughter Tovalisa) had fun drawing two of our own plates with a porcelain pen.



These particular baskets is called “kunt” in Swedish. My fathers uncles use to pick blueberries and cloudberries in them, up north in the forest long time ago. They have straps so they can be carried on the back. We use them for hats, scarfs and gloves. The camel hair carpet is a vintage find. I got it so cheap I had to pay some extra not to be embarrassed. The wallpaper is from Cole & Sons.


The bedroom is used as a combined bedroom/working room. The big document chest holds a lot. It´s here keep my photos, drawings and piles of inspiration material. This spot (on top of the chest) changes all the time depending what I´m working with. For the moment I keep a few of my ever growing old tin collection here, can´t keep my hands of them at the flea markets.


The pot-holders are a little tribute (or a rip off :) to a favorite artist of mine, Anu Touminen.


The mirror, the dresses, the painting and the necklaces (except from the bird) are all  vintage pieces. [right:] The vases, I´ve corners, places in the apartment where I display things. Keep them there for a while, then put them away. [bottom right: The painting with the girl is our latest vintage find and hanging in our bedroom for the moment. But it is probably going to hang in a distinguished place in Tovalisas room very soon.]


Lovely! It’s amazing the way these fairly subtle touches of color really brigthen up the space! I love everything that’s hung on the walls, especially those potholders which, honestly, I don’t think I personally like on their own, but they look amazing the way they’re all displayed together! Well done!


Just lovely! I adore the plates on the wall. The tiniest details are well thought out not to mention utterly charming!


Your sense of space and color is really beautiful and simple. You have such a nice variety of things and yet it doesn’t seem cluttered to me at all. How wonderful!



I love the kitchen light.
I want one of those old architect filing cabinets! The wooden ones on Ebay are awesome. Shipping to Canada isn’t.


elizabeth is amazing in everything she does, so it makes sense she has a beatiful home…! :)


Where can I find one of the wall mounted hanging bedside lamps seen in the first picture?


Such a charming home. I love the pop of color and visual interest gained from grouping small items together – it really has a large impact. I especially love the embroidered pillows on the living room couch – fantastic!


sigh. i love Elizabeth’s sensibilities as a designer, stylist, photographer, blogger, she’s amazing and totally inspiring. a lovely look into her home.


I love the floor!! it’s checkered without being AHH checkered and makes all the colors pop.

Susan the shoppe owner

This home is wonderful. I felt so relaxed peeking through it. I definitely want people to feel the way I feel about these pictures when they enter my home. It feels lived in and welcoming, not at all stuffy and uptight or like little kids couldn’t come over for the day.


I love love the pillows on the sofa and the baskets in front of the Cole and Sons wallpaper. Perfectly styled!


what a lovely abode! I really like that pot holder idea.

ps. i will be selling a danish modern hanging bedside lamp like the one shown if anyone is interested find me at hellovictory on etsy :)


Beautiful! I love the grey + white tiles on the floor, classic and more calming than the typical black + white.


I love Elisabeth’s home. Everything about it is so effortless and gorgeous :)

blue bicicletta

I absolutely love the calm, homey, feeling of her home—and the artwork! Everything is so unique–that plate collection is to die for!


great quality in life everywhere, i love the cozy & comfy atmosphere.
modern & nostalgic at the same time… it’s a very inspiring sneak peak゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚


Really nice collection/arrangement of plates on the wall….I like how the recently drawn plates are included with the vintage finds.

Ann Cole

I love it!
Amazing color–soothing and still has pops of brightness.
I especially love the bedroom. Those floors are great.


The wall hangings are executed perfectly so the wall doesn’t look like it’s too bare, and hence adds a layer of warmth to the room.

eva / sycamore street press

elizabeth’s blog was one of the first three that i read regularly (along with d*s and poppytalk). i’m always blown away by her photos and styling. beautiful. thanks for the sneak peek.


Does anyone know where the bedside table came from or what it is called so I can google it?


The eyes print caught my eye because it’s so familiar to me because a Finnish candy manufacturer has the same print on their baking products :)
then product info, product group and then chocolate kitchen


Oh, of course her place is beautiful! Elisabeth has such an amazing eye – I adore so much of what she creates. I like her opening comment about appreciating things that are worn and rough around the edges.


I love dining table and chairs!
I have plan to buy the set soon, Could anyone tell me where I can find them???


I love Elisabeth’s style! It is so beautiful, approachable and as she put it, lived. So fun to have a peek into her home life as I so admire her studio and work.

Margarita Lorenzo

i wouldn’t change a thing in this house, adorable, very good eye and taste, love the pot-holders, they remind me of the ones my mother make. I am off to check their blog.

Amy C.

Does anyone have any idea what the color of the plate wall might be called or the manufacturer? It’s so gorgeous!


I love the gray/blue color on your kitchen walls – what is the brand/name?!


I was wondering about the gray/blue color on the walls as well. Any ideas about the name or brand?