sneak peek: diane stafford


d*s reader diane stafford sent over her adorable victorian home in south london. this creative/copy writer for the UK civil service (COI)  has lived in this home for 10 years (five of which were spent renovating). today we’re happy to help immortalize it as a sneak peek (check out additional, full-sized images here), as she and her daughters prepare to move to a smaller 1920s home that needs a lot of love and care. thanks so much, diane! best of luck with the new place! -anne

[above and below: This is a lovely light room and contains some of my favourite things: my Miffy alarm clock, pebbles from the beach at St Ives in Cornwall and a wooden blanket box that belonged to my grandparents.]


CLICK HERE for the rest of diane’s sneak peek (including all the images on one page) after the jump!

The triptych above the chest is a selection of beautiful papers from Shepherds Book Binders in an Ikea frame.


The Utensilo was my 40th birthday present to myself – people either really get it or just conclude that I am a tragic neat freak (‘m not).


Sitting room : All the furniture here is secondhand – a mix of ebay finds and local vintage (I particularly like Designs of Modernity in Crystal Palace, which is where the small chest of drawers came from).   The small collage on the back wall is by the late Terry Frost and the large yellow print is by Matthew Gavin from Nelly Duff.



The entryway is less than a metre wide so it’s a squeeze even hanging up a winter coat.


We had these built in soon after we moved to house the growing tide of house books, CDs and  childrens’ games that was threatening to engulf us. I lived in Japan for a couple of years in my twenties, hence the doll.


Scott Seiter

Like the small knick knacks, they really complete the style. Wonder where they got all the cool accessories?


Beautiful. I’m sure I recognise the green chairs. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new abode once you’ve worked your magic.


What an enchanting, happy, light-filled home. I love the colors and the light streaming in from the windows. And I very much admire her 40th birthday present to herself.

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


pale blue & red – one of the best of the best color combinations…. in my personal opinion.

kasey at thriftylittleblog

I love the wall paper. That color combo is so fresh.
I couldn’t help but thinking, “five years renovating!?” I hope the majority of those years including minor renovations!


Love the bedroom! – I want to know where they are from in South London – in my head it is totally Brockley (where I live).


Beautiful! I lived in Putney for five formative years. This takes me right back to primary school!


Love the colours in the bedroom! If that was my house I wouldn’t want to move!


Cute home! Especially love the happy wallpaper and the little chest of drawers.

Erin Marchak

The colour palette is fantastic. I had no idea that I would love that combination so much.
What an amazing home!


I covet the tiles in the entrance. What a fun space.


Eep! I just love that front door! I’d love to see more front doors in the sneak peeks. It’s nice to see what the world sees from the outside as well.


Gorgeous! I have to know- where did that adorable white bunny clock come from?? I have to have it!


Red, white and light….great combination. I usually avoid red, but this is an inspiration!


Color combo reminds me of twitter. Still cute though!


Where did you get the wallpaper? I think it’s lovely.


What a beautiful house! Where did you get the cushions? I live in London and would love to get some like too.


Fab space! Love the use of retro colour and natural shades together. Makes the place seem tranquill but still funky.


Great house! Did you get the cupboards specially made, or is there a brand/designer I should know about? My partner and I simply cannot agree on cupboard solutions, so I’m hoping this might be a winner.


Scrumpalicious house, luvvit! But how did you manage to finance such a fab house as a single mum?


please, please, please source the wallpaper. Love it. What a cheerful, comfy home.


I lOVE the wallpaper… we have been looking for the right paper for our space and this I think is it… where is it from??


what color is that blue paint from the 1st photo? i love it


The wallpaper is Bloomsbury by Villa Nova – it’s easily available in the UK but not sure about the US. The paint colour was mixed to match using Dulux colour sampling system but I’ll check whether there’s an ID number on the tin.
The origins of the Miffy alarm clock is lost in the mists of time I’m afraid, but plenty of Miffy stuff is available online.


I love your sense of style! Where (and when) did you get the two Orla Kiely bags/purses hanging in the entryway? I especially love the dark brown(?) leather one with the sliver ring in the front.


It looks fabulous Diane! I’m going to take a trip to that shop in Crystal Palace definitely!


This home is right up my alley. I really like the playfulness of i!


Lovely house but I am sure the new one will soon be as lovely! You should consider an alternative career in interior design.


Beautiful – elegant, but relaxed and never overdone. I’m putting a Utensilo on my Christmas list NOW.


I just LOVE the craft storage space! It’s great for the kids, but i’m gonna rush out and get one of those organisers for my office area.