salvaged paper + d*s guest blog peek & diy project

alissa and ryan have seriously been knocking it out of the park this week. they’ve shared a great home tour, shop tour, and a delicious drink recipe (which we now plan on turning into a monthly d*s column!) and today they’re sharing a gorgeous sneak peek (into the home of ken and larry from foster’s in philly) and a recession-friendly diy jewelry project. i don’t know where they find the time to do all of this, but we’re so thrilled and thankful to have them on the site this week. click here to check out their new posts for today!


also, i feel like i’m always running around the house opening and closing drawers loudly, looking for a piece of paper on which to jot last-minute notes and ideas. i finished my last oh joy studio notebook a month ago and have been hunting for a replacement ever since- so when i heard from sarah roberto at ‘oh so good‘ i was delighted to find several cute notebooks that would do just the trick.

sarah describes herself as a “toronto-based designer with a borderline obsession for paper.” in her spare time she creates a lovely range of stationery, notebooks, gift tags and cards, all made from salvaged paper and “beautiful little scraps that would have otherwise found their way into a junkyard”. i think her collection is so sweet and affordable, what’s not to love? click here to check out her full series of work online. thanks, sarah!


Thank you so much for the post!

And I echo that comment, that house IS dreamy.


I bought a notebook of Sarah’s at a lovely little cafe called La Merceria in Toronto. I’m glad to see that her name is getting around.


I must know more about that quilt in the top photo. Any idea where to get one for my very own?


AAAH! I saw this and all I could think was “I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!” that bedroom is so…me! Like, more me than my own bedroom. It’s incredible. I’m taking ALL the inspiration I can from this picture.
But, where can I get that quilt? I swear, I need it. I have never seen anything quite so inspiring.

Ken Foster

Thanks for all the nice comments about my house. The quilt on the bed is by Denyse Schmidt for She Home. Unfortunately they are out of production now but a web search may turn up a few leftovers.


Oooh very pretty.

Where did you get the pillows on the couch (the bird and doggie)?


where where where is that super cute beagle throw pillow from?? I have 2 beagles and would love one of these – so many dog decor items are tacky but this is so stylized and great.


Hi, I too want to know where i get one of those fab beagle pillows. Please email and let me know! Much appreciated!


Thank you so much Kristina! That’s too bad about it being out of production but I’ll take a look around.


woops! I meant to say “thanks so much Ken!” but I was looking at Kristina’s comment when I wrote it! haha, sorry.


I asked this before, and got my comment deleted (really not sure why) — but, what color/brand paint did you use in the bedroom? It’s really beautiful, and I
m getting ready to pick out paint for my own :)



i haven’t deleted any comments that didn’t include profanity- did you get a confirmation of your message? if so, please resubmit it and i’ll be happy to push it through- it may have gone to our spam filter.



how beautiful! Do you know what color/brand paint is used in the bedroom? It’s an amazing blue.


I love the paint in the bedroom too, Rosa.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


Everything about this house is awesome! I am wondering where you got the goat and bird pictures on the brick wall. I love them!


Wow, I am planning to paint my master bedroom and this has given me some inspiration! What color paint is used in the top photo? (bedroom)


I am absolutly in love with the 3 colors in the living room picture (the green, blue, and grey) is there anyway you could post the names of those colors?