new: baggu stripes + cinderella

by Grace Bonney

most of my friends know that i’m not a purse girl. shoes? yes. dresses? yes. but bags? not so much my thing. when it comes to carrying essentials around town- i use a reusable grocery bag from baggu. maybe it’s not the most fashion-y thing to wear out to dinner, but hey, i’m always prepared for impromptu shopping trips.

i have a serious weakness for chevron patterns so i immediately scooped up a few of their colorful chevron designs this spring. but when i heard yesterday that they released a striped collection i let out an audible squeal. my inner prep (something about being raised in the south instilled a strong sense of prep in me) can’t get enough of classic wide stripes so i immediately started deciding which ones would now me in steady rotation for my week-day wardrobe. i’m leaning towards the classic black and white, but those purple-y blue stripes just scream old school ll bean catalog in the best way. at only $8 a pop they’re a fun way to jazz up a summer wardrobe (or at least i like to think so) and are great to carry around if, like me, you get inspired to buy random food products every time you pass a pretty grocery store. click here for more info and to shop.


also- click here to check out rei jin’s fairy tale inspiration for today: a modern, precocious cinderella…

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  • oooh, those bags look delightful! I’m always switching around (daily? hourly!) so at $8 I can really get into these…

  • I love my Baggus! Last year I gave them as Xmas gifts and they were a big hit. I keep at least two on me at all times.

  • I’m afraid that XL bag would get me in lots of trouble. I’d feel obligated to fill it up all the time! I love the photography here as well. Great post.

  • I’m a bit confused – though I like the shoes and brightly colored bags, I thought that design sponge had a strict no fashion endorsement/interior decor only policy? What has brought about the change?

    • lara

      every once in a while i sneak in a bag or accessory that is something i personally use and love, but the shoes, etc are from our guest blog- our guest bloggers aren’t bound by the same “rules” i use myself ;)


  • Great post, I love Baggu! But FYI, the stripes aren’t a new release. I got the wide royal blue/navy blue version a year ago, and the skinny navy stripes on white were available at the time as well. xoxo

  • Hi – this is Ellen from Baggu.
    We did re-release the most popular stripes from last year (with some improvements of course,) but they’re now available in all three sizes. And there are other new stripes available too. Hope you enjoy!

  • I too use my baggu all the time! I even carry my purse in the baggu! They are perfect for those of us who live in the city and have lots of extras we need to tote around.

  • Reusable grocery bags are my un-guilty pleasure. I feel like I can buy cute ones without any guilt because I’m doing something good for the planet. That’s what I tell myself, anyhow.

  • well you could always get a fab bag and keep one of these folded up inside. that’s what i do when I go to flea markets… you can’t wear cute clothes and then carry a shopping sac…

  • I love carrying baggu bags in my gallery/gift shop (in ann arbor michigan where emily was an undergrad)! They are my all-time best-selling items in the store. They make great gifts, especially when you use your baggu to wrap around a gift!

  • I love BAGGU! Been using their bags since they first came out. They have some great how-to videos on using their bags to wrap gifts too :)

  • These are so cute! I’m really into preppy stripes too!!! T alexander wang is coming out with the coolest striped sweatshirt this fall. Also, CARDIGAN is a new line of cardigans (duh) in colorful preppy stripes