More recycling paper projects

by Grace Bonney

I was happy to see the response to the covered jar lids and pencils post from a few days ago. It seems I am not the only one who saves paper scraps and needs a use for them. I have a few more projects up my sleeve here. First, I made some paper garlands which can be use for gift wrap or party decorations. Second, I made several different birthday cards all using cut paper collage. They go nicely together and make for a festive gift or party! When collecting papers, don’t overlook newspaper, wrapping paper, envelope liners, notebook and grid papers. There are often fun surprises on the inside of envelopes, even junk mail.

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paper scraps
glue stick
blank cards
alphabet stamp set
old magazine or catalog
craft knife (optional)
ruler (optional)
cutting mat (optional)
sewing machine



Birthday Cards

1. Cut out desired shapes out of paper scraps. If you want you can sketch designs on the backside of the paper, I just cut my freehand. Refer to the photos of the cards for inspiration and imagery. Use a glue stick to glue shapes down. It it helpful to apply the glue on the pages of an old magazine or catalog so you don’t get glue on your work surface. Keep turning the pages to have a fresh surface to glue on. For thin paper strips or perfect rectangles it’s helpful to use a craft knife and ruler on a cutting mat.

2. Stamp message either to the card itself or to the small tag on the stack of presents.

3. Press cards overnight under heavy books to flatten before giving.


1. Punch circles out of different patterned papers.

2. Using a sewing machine feed the paper circles under the needle one at a time. Either you can feed them butting up against the next one, or give them some space between. Leave a length of thread at either end for hanging.


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