Mini crochet baskets

by Grace Bonney

Hi again! The project I am sharing today is a small one, mini crochet baskets. They are so quick to make and use up little bits of twine and string. One of my favorite places to buy yarn is Habu Textiles. What’s great about the showroom here in NYC is that they let you buy very small amounts, little leftover skeins and balls, perfect for a project like this. I have over the years bought way too many!

These are small baskets that could be used to store stationery items, paperclips, coins, buttons, etc. They could easily be made bigger by scaling up the crochet hook and twine. It’s fun to make the mini ones in multiples. I also have made these in the past for business card holders when I do craft sales. Enjoy!

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Crochet pattern

Note: This pattern can be worked either crocheting through the back loop of each single crochet or the entire stitch, I did both and each gives a different look.

Chain 4 and slip stitch into the first chain to form a ring.

Round 1: Make 8 single crochets (sc) into the ring, mark the first stitch of the next round with a removable marker.

Round 2: Make 2 sc into each stitch to end of round.

Round 3: *1 sc into next stitch, 2 sc into next stitch, repeat from * to end of round.

Round 4: *1 sc into next 2 stitches, 2 sc into next stitch, repeat from * to end of round.

Round 5: *1 sc into next 3 stitches, 2 sc into next stitch, repeat from * to end of round.

Continue to work in this pattern, each round adding one stitch between the increases until the bottom is desired size (mine are 3″ diameter). Move stitch marker to current position in work. For sides, continue 1 sc in each stitch without increasing until desired height (mine are about 1.5″ tall). To change colors, add new yarn where the round begins, cut old yarn end to about 3″ and then work over yarn end with new color for a few stitches. This avoids having to weave in loose ends later. At the end of the final round, cut the yarn and pull the tail through the last stitch. Remove marker, steam if desired.


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  • Cute! And tiny! How do they keep from collapsing onto themselves? Is it the sturdiness of the twine that gives them the shape?

  • I love these baskets. They have such great texture. What size hook do you use? Oh, and is the material similar to raffia?

  • I love these bowls. So darling and the colors are inspiring me to pick up my hook again. I’m adding this to my collection of ‘must-do’ projects. Thanks for sharing.

  • So interesting, I had in mind to do exactly the same project and post it on my blog! Another twist on this project is to use chunky wool and then “felt” the bowls for a great look.

  • Super cute & fun! It’ll be a great way for me to practice my crocheting. Thanks for posting. I like Sara Rivika’s twist on this project, as well.

  • Hey there, I cannot seem to find needle size and thread type. Please update. T
    Thank you!! the pattern looks super easy.

  • I love these baskets! What a great idea for Easter for my older children. I wasnt able to see the hook size….Would you please let me know? Thank you for sharing.

  • I too am quite interested in the fiber you used and the crochet hook size. They are adorable.

  • This is a lovely creation of baskets, however those of us who are attracted to the baskets need a little more help such as what is the fibre and the size of the hook. This can make or break a person if they don’t know. Thank you for the beautiful designs. When a pattern hits me that is the first thing that I look for size and fibre.

  • I discovered some cotton string and have made these baskets. After they are all crocheted I use liquid starch and saturate them and let them dry for a couple of days and them they are really hard and durable. Beautifully baskets.

  • I have made more baskets, however I have made a 3d basket. I figured a way to create a design on the outside of the basket without cutting thread. It is awesome. I pull the thread to the outside and chain 10 and slip stitch the design onto the basket. I am the kind of person to try something new.

  • size yarn and needle please! small town not much in the way of choices for yarn. or thread

  • Do you use anything to help them stand up? Size needle ? I am looking for my mom a project but she is older and I am not sure about this project.

  • starching them and then spraying them with polyurethane should make them very durable and ‘stiff’.

  • What yarn and what needle size – I know others have asked, but I haven’t seen it anywhere. Thanks.

  • I would also like to know what yarn and needle size to use. Also, can you make a bigger bowl with this pattern?

  • I haven’t seen a response to the yarn size/needle questions, but I would recommend starting with your favorite cotton or cotton blend yarn (washes well) and go with the hook size that is recommended for that particular yarn. I just made a little basket with a 3.25 inch diameter base and a 1 inch height using a 50/50 cotton/rayon blend in a 50 g weight using a 4mm size hook. Since this project is just single crochet stitches, if you match the yarn to the recommended hook size for that yarn you will probably get the same tight weave. I don’t need a stiff basket for my little project, but if you want to stiffen your basket use liquid starch which can be found at most grocery stores. I assume you can find specific instructions on the internet. I have also seen larger baskets (which when larger can droop) stitched several inches higher on the sides than desired; then the excess is folded down over (like folding down a little girl’s socks) the sides to give it more structure. Have fun.

  • I agree haven’t seen an answer for the twine or string she uses. Was going to ask the same question. Would like to know the brand and size of it. Hopefully she will get back to us soon.

  • Hello. My question is, why aren’t you answering the above questions about type of yarn and needle size? These are basic questions.

  • Hi, please let all of us know what type and how much yarn/string is needed (include brand). Also what size crochet hook. Do we need to starch? Thanks

  • Hi, nice pattern thank you. I am going to make in a heavy pure wool which will make a larger basket.

  • I am making mine frome hemp twine using an I-9 5.5mm crotchet hook. It is very stiff to work with so your finger tips may be a little sore. My basket will be 6″ in diameter and about 3-4″ in hight.
    I also made one from jute twine using a size 6 crotchet hook that has a 5″ diameter.

  • Thanks for this lovely little pattern. So glad to have found it. I never would have guessed it would be so easy to make a basket.. thank you for that!

  • I love these small baskets and would love to make them for they appear to be simple to make as long as the “Materials Required” are known.
    Please provide the Size Crochet hook to use, the type of Crochet thread or Yarn the product to use to stiffen the basket when finished making it? These questions have been presented but I could not see a response.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful item. Jo

  • These baskets are so cute. Thanks for the pattern! I just finished one and I used hemp cord (22#, 7mm width) with a 4mm hook. Cute, tiny stitches. :)

  • What brand and what kind of removable marker did you use in the brown yarn image?