lab 31 + plank design

i always love a modern spin on an old classic, so i was excited to see lab31‘s new line of metal outdoor tables called CANE. the bent metal tops are made from perforated steel with a pattern that mimics caning (but won’t rot in the rain like cane). the tables come in three sizes (side table, coffee table and four person dining table) and in three colors (gray, blue and yellow-orange). click here for more info and to order. thanks, maggie!


i’m also really loving these colorful kitchen textiles from plank design in denmark. the kitchen is my favorite place to play with bold colors and patterns, and these are a fun way to test out new color schemes in a smaller space. click here for more info. [via copenhagen 2009]


LOVE that 1st glance I thought it was mesh or fabric, what a wonderful illusion, thank you for sharing


I’m not a fan of the table, but I adore the kitchen textiles.


I LOOOOOOVE that table. I MUST have one. The blue low coffee table, with a fresh, firey orange serving tray on it….ah I can just see it on my patio now. Too bad such high quality design has to cost so much. I can dream…