jhill personalized city prints

ac and i have been lucky enough to receive some incredibly thoughtful wedding presents. one of my favorites was a beautiful custom print from designer jen hill in boston. i’m a huge fan of jen’s work so it was such a thrill to get a print from her in the mail- and then realize it had been customized to include our names, our wedding date, her savannah print (where we were married) and cute little details about how far we traveled to get there and what people drank (sweet tea).

before i could even get my print in a frame i was already thinking about engaged couples i knew, for whom this would be the perfect gift. so i was delighted to hear that jen is now selling customized city prints (for wedding and non-wedding purposes) on her site. you can choose from two sizes and can combine one of jen’s 22 city patterns with personalized text to create a one-of-a-kind gift. you can fill in spots like: hometown, drink, eat, experience, date, and couple, with details that are pertinent to the lucky couple. this would be a fun moving present for a couple as well, or the lucky couple that shares a birthday, or perhaps the birth of a new baby (i’d love to see one for a child’s birth city- how fun!). click here to check out the options on jen’s site, prices start at $65.

CLICK HERE for more images of jen’s prints!



Love these! Got the Andalucia, Spain print as the housewarming gift for my sister not long ago. I think it’s about time I buy one for me!

Steph Q

I love making personalized posters for my friends as wedding gifts. My husband and I are going to be screen printing a few this wedding season! I do them in the style of concert posters for our music loving friends :)


Awweee so cute! I’m from Michigan so naturally I love the Traverse City print! :)


Oh wow! These are so beautiful, really lovely. I think they would also be perfect gifts for graduation and housewarmings as well.


What a wonderful print!! I love all the little details about what you drank and how far you flew to get there… such a cute idea!


yay! a fellow Georgia pEACH!
i live in atlanta, though.
i really hope to make a summer trip to Savannah :)


Great work, and I love the orange lamp in the first picture. Is that for sale too? Pretty please?



sorry- that one’s a keeper ;) it’s a vintage italian lamp from repop- you could email them and ask them to keep an eye out for another (i think they actually did have a pair to this one at some point)


grace :)


What is the book with the dots to the right of Domino’s book?