Granny Art

by Grace Bonney

Hi! I’m Laura Normandin of Wren Handmade and I’m very happy to be guest blogging this week on Design Sponge. I thought it would be fun to share a DIY project each day this week for your crafting pleasure. I am focusing on using up bits and scraps in my apartment that I can’t seem to throw away. Anyone who’s read my blog knows that I’ve had a love for granny squares for a long time. I keep trying to come up with new ways to use them as decoration, art, whatever! I love that you can you use little leftover bits of yarn or string to make them. Here is a simple granny square turned into a panel which can be displayed as art. Make it so that it coordinates with other artwork you have or your decor. I used linen as the backdrop because most all my decorating somehow incorporates subtle hues of linen. There are good tutorials and instructions for making a simple granny square here and here.


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yarn, string, twine, anything you can crochet with
crochet hook in coordinating size (I used a size 1 hook)
staple gun
square pre-stretched canvas panel (I used this one)
linen or other fabric
needle and thread
spray mount (optional)


1. Crochet a granny square approximately one inch smaller than your canvas (mine is a 9” granny square to fit on a 10” canvas). See links above for granny square tutorials online if you need to. Steam flat. Weave in and cut any loose ends.


2. Cut a big enough piece of fabric that will be able to wrap around the canvas with at least 1” on the back side. I cut my linen 14” x 14” for a 10” x 10” canvas that is 1” deep. Center canvas face down on the piece of fabric and start stapling the center of each side. Keep rotating around the canvas and pull each side so it is taught but not overly stretching out the weave of the fabric and stapling. When you get to the corners pull the fabric straight out from the corner then fold at a 45 degree angle and invert the fold so the angle piece is hidden and staple. There are many tutorials online if this sounds confusing, it’s really not hard!


3. Lightly spray the backside of the granny square with spray mount. This is optional but helps to keep it in place while you sew. Center it on the panel. Using a whipstitch sew around perimeter of the granny square neatly in a matching thread. That’s it, now it’s ready to be hung or displayed.


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