from toast to post: vintage toast rack letter holders

by Grace Bonney

for as long as i can remember my mom has used an antique toast holder to organize her mail, bills, and to-do lists. i always thought it was such an interesting way to organize things, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that i came to really appreciate the idea, and the way she is always incorporating antique objects into our home in unexpected ways.

it seems like every magazine i’ve picked up over the past year has been using antique toast racks to organize mail so last week i finally decided to splurge on my own toast rack (top image) to use on my tiny entry room table. [image above via vintageindie]

after searching for days online, i was overwhelmed with the prices i was seeing ($200+) and decided that i had no choice but to ebay-it. i was pleasantly surprised to find some really interesting options available (including some interesting porcelain styles) in a wide range of prices, starting at a very budget-friendly $10. i ended up paying a bit more than that for mine, but as soon as it arrived from california in its tiny box (i ended up buying a small one that measures 3×4 inches) i was flooded with happy, comforting memories of sitting in our kitchen and watching my mom write letters and place them in her toast rack to mail. and now, when i trudge up 4 flights on a hot summer day, arms full of mail, i’m cheerfully greeted by my sweet clover-shaped toast rack, ready to organize the day’s letters. [image above via eddie ross]

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