d*s guest blog: yoyo craft

laura has a wonderful new diy project over at the d*s guest blog today. she’s working with yoyos (a quilting technique that produces little round circles of fabric) to create a beautiful pillow. click here for the full instructions!

ps: click here for the new d*s diy project archives!


rachel @ tea with lucy

Oh I’m so adicted to making these!

People are always so impressed with the little badges I make, I have not the heart or inclination to tell how easy they are to make.


I just added vintage yoyos to a shirt, and it looks fabulous. I don’t know the first thing about making them, though.


having bad flashbacks to my great aunt showing me how to make these and make these and make these…thank you


having bad flashbacks to Angela’s “fleurchons” & Jubilee Jumbles on PR.


This is a thecnique tipical of Brazil.
Here, we call it FUXICO.

Ashley Dailey

OOooooohhh, how beautiful! It reminds me of my great-grandmothers quilting. She is the Shorty in Pop + Shorty!


grandmother made a huge blanket made with those puckered pockets its a cozy blanket that your toes can stick out of the holes haha