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diy project: morgane’s drawer hangers

by Grace Bonney

this fun diy project comes from berlin-based d*s reader (and molecular biologist!) morgane rouault. when she’s not busy with her job in research science, morgane like to draw, work with pottery and sew all sorts of craft projects. so i was thrilled to hear from her about this fun DIY project she recently finished- a wall hanger installation that uses boards designed to look like drawers (you could use real drawer fronts as well). morgane was kind enough to share her full project instructions with us, so i hope you’ll enjoy her project! thanks, morgane!

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what you need:

-recycled wood boards (you can use real drawer fronts if you have any around the house)
-wood saw
-wood paint
-glue for wood and paper (i used scenic accents glue for modelling)
-brushes (i used a small roll)
-nice handles (you can find them at anthropologie but they are expensive, i found mine at the mauer park flea market in berlin for 2 euros each)
-small metal saw
-nice and colorful gift wrap
-dremmel (can be substituted by a manual hole maker)


how to:

1. cut wood rectangles at the desired sizes (the size of my pieces spans from 15x7cm to about 30x25cm)

2. paint the best face of the wood rectangles (no need to paint the sides)


3. drill holes at the diameter of the screws from the handles in the middle line of your wood rectangles. choose which combination you will use for your faux drawer and drill holes in the two chosen wood rectangles using the exact same distance between the two holes.

4. the largest rectangle needs a little more work. in order to have your hanger really touching the wall, flat, you need the handles to be screwed and fixed inside. therefore you will have to drill half-way through the larger rectangle to be able to insert the bolt, and this with a larger drill. be careful not to drill to much. otherwise the handle will not hold the two wood rectangles together.

5. once the holes are made, verify that they are big enough.

6. you also need to make 2 more tiny holes on the back of the larger wood rectangle, to attach your faux drawer on the wall. those holes need to be slightly wider than the diameter of the head of your nails. now you need to work on the handles.

7. using a small metal saw. cut the handles at the same width as your 2 wood rectangles taken together. handles are ready.


8. it is time to decorate the sides of your drawer. i used leftover gift wrap from Kates Paperie. cut bands the size of the sides and glue them. you can also paint, or add ribbon…. let everything dry for few hours.


9. make holes in your wall

10. insert your hangers on the wall, you can arrange several of them, vertical, horizontal, long, large…

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