diy project: laura’s recycled paper cards + garland

i’m so sad to say goodbye to laura normandin today- she has been an amazing guest blogger and i have gotten so spoiled by her daily diy project on the guest blog. today she’s leaving us with two great diy projects: recycled paper birthday cards + garland. each one is a great way to reuse paper scraps and create something lovely with only a few spare minutes. click here to check out the full project instructions. thanks to laura for all of her hard work this week- you can visit her at wren handmade right here.



I will have to try the garland. I love wrapping presents in craft paper with a bright ribbon, but the garland is so creative.Thanks Laura for this farewell diy!


This is very nice, I am off to check her blog and instructions. We all need to recycle more.


Laura, I’ve enjoyed your week of crafts and hope design*sponge invites you back sooner than later. Cheers!


Wow – these are totally amazing. I’m never buying greeting cards again. Thanks for sharing this super cute idea :)


THANK YOU! I need 2 cards this weekend and won’t get a chance to go buy any, so I’m going to try out this idea!

Creative Crafter UK

These are lovely. I remember when I did a recycling project on my blog (re-using old containers, decorating and using as pen pots) they were so popular too. I like your presents and cupcake duo cards. especially.


these are great. i have so much scrap paper, i cant’ ever seem to throw away the scraps, so this perfect!


I am staying in tonight to make COOL stuff….This is so great! THANKS for some great projects.

Rachel May

I love most things that have to do with paper, but that garland is above and beyond! What a fun touch for a gift!

Sherri Levek

Thank you! My mom’s birthday is today and I just sat here this morning and made her an adorable card with the birthday cake design. So cool!


So cute! I love the use of garland on the gift wrapping. It would be adorable on a book cover, as well.


i like the garland.I have made it before using other materials than those shown. my fave was a deco punch bear from brown velveteen ribbon machine sewn together into garland with red & green threads by the bear hand or foot or ear (whichever way it was picked up lol)

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I have been fond of scrapbooking and I’m very thankful I stumbled here in your blog. This diy project is one of my favorite, thanks to laura.


This is wonderful. Almost all the materials are recycle yet you have made like this one. I’m so excited to try this one for my friend’s birthday . thanks for sharing it. :)