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diy project: kate’s outdoor planter pendant lamp

by Grace Bonney

the idea for this second project in the outdoor entertaining series was conceived at my local long’s drugs, which is an oddly large pharmacy, grocer, garden center, hardware super store that’s open 24 hours. i walking down one of the hardware aisles, admiring their selection of spray paints, when at the end of the aisle i spotted their assortment of wire planter baskets in various sizes and shapes. back to the spray paints for some white primer, toss a light bulb in the cart, and i had everything i needed to make an oversized outdoor light fixture for summer dinner parties. i tried several types of embellishments on the wire form (fabric weaving, etc), but in the end i decided the simple modern cage structure painted a clean white would work best. but don’t be afraid to paint yours any color you please, or make several of them in bright summer hues and hang them in a cluster. have fun!! – kate

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1. two matching wire planter baskets
2. fine gauge wire
3. spray paint
4. light bulb
5. pendant socket set for light bulb (available at ikea for really cheap)
6. wire snippers
7. garden twine (for hanging the lamp)

1. place your wire planters outside on a tarp or scrap paper surface and spray paint them with a white primer, allowing a side to dry and then turning it to spray from all angles to ensure an even coat.

2. if you want to paint them another color, allow them to dry and then spray them with an even coat of your color.

3. screw your bulb into the socket and place in between the two planters. thread the cord through the top of the top planter and wire the two planters bases together with the fine gauge wire. make sure you like how the vertical seams line up (or don’t line up).

4. snip any extra wire from the connection spots.

5. use the garden twine to hang the planter lamp in your desired location. plug in.



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