diy project: elizabeth’s mountain of a headboard

this mountain of a DIY project isn’t actually as difficult as it may look- d*s reader liz janss of remodel silverlake created this incredible painted headboard after being inspired by patterns she saw on argyle sweaters. the limited space in her room meant that any headboard option she chose needed to be slim, so she chose to paint a mountain scene, rather than add bulk with a actual headboard. in just a few hours (using sidewalk chalk and interior paint) liz created an incredible custom mural/headboard that would be perfect for anyone with a small bedroom. don’t need a headboard? try creating a mural like this as a non-traditional focal point above your dresser, fireplace, mantle or any other wall that needs a little extra love.

liz has kindly shared her full project steps with us below, so CLICK HERE for the full instructions after the jump! thanks, liz!

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What You’ll Need:

-Sidewalk chalk
-something with a straight edge, like a book or ruler
-interior wall paint flat, white plus a selection of four other colors (I used Easy Care Interior flat finish that I got from the hardware store)
-big wide wall painting paint brush, and then one or two small paint brushes
-newspapers and painter’s tape to protect the floor and molding while painting


1. First make an outline of a mountain on your wall with chalk, think snowy mountain top, maybe envision the Southpark opening credit mountains for inspiration

2. Using the pencil, make a ragged edge for the snowy top section. Using the small paint brush fill in the snow top with your white paint. Be conscious of your brush strokes because you might be able to see them. Long smooth strokes seemed to look alright. Then use the small paint brush to do the edges of you mountain white, and the big brush to fill in the middle white.

3. Now go crazy with your zigs and zags. The pencil won’t show up through the paint so don’t be afraid if you mess up. I made a few descending lines of equally sized diamonds here and there, and then made various sized diamond and triangle shapes to fill in the rest of the space.

4. Fill in your trapezoids using the little paint brush. Lighter colors may need two coats. I chose three colors that were similar in hue (yellow, grey, light blue), and then one accent color (turquoise)

5. Wait a few hours for the paint to dry and then stick your bed right in front of it!


I love to write on walls, a left over habit from my childhood. This is just as good, paint a mural on a wall for a headboard.


Like Shandell, I love to write on walls too. I think this is a fantastic project–not only a great way to “fake” a custom headboard, but a wonderful way to bring color into a room.


Yeah, if you really want us to notice the great headboard–get the dog out of the shot! He is adorably distracting.