diy project: diy bridesmaid gift spruce-up

graphic designer ellie snow recently got married and decided to get a little crafty when it came to her bridesmaid gifts. ellie chose beautiful earrings for each girl, but wanted to snazz things up a bit so she decided to use pieces of wallpaper from a vintage wallpaper sample book to turn the gifts from ordinary to special.

this concept could be applied to so many different small gifts- it’s a quick, easy, and affordable way to dress up store-brand presents with an extra special touch. thanks, ellie!

CLICK HERE for the full project instructions below!

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*i’ll be talking about the bridesmaids gifts from our wedding on the martha stewart weddings blog july 13th...


Here’s what you need:

1. Scraps of decorative paper or wallpaper
2. A thick needle
3. Glue Stick
4. Scallop scissors


1. Once you have your supplies, cut your cardstock down to size.

2. Use your scallop scissors to cut the decorative paper slightly smaller than the cardstock.

3. Use your needle to punch holes in the cardstock.

4. Then, glue the decorative paper (no holes yet) to the cardstock

5. From the back of the cardstock, use your needle to punch through the decorative paper. Slip the earrings in, and you’re done!

6. Afterward, I put them in jewelry boxes tied with ribbons from our wedding programs, and placed them inside makeup bags.


Mila Bomtempo

great idea!
i’m saving some ideas for my wedding! and this one was very god!
(sorry about my bad english!)
i love this blog!



As a recipient of one of these, let me tell you, they were just as sweet in person. I couldn’t believe Ellie was DIY Mayor of so many adventures that she took enough time to make these for us! So thoughtful! Thanks for posting!


I love this! I’d also love to know where the makeup bags came from….because I love the idea of filling them with goodies.


Wow….I am not getting married anytime soon, but would really like this if/when i do!


Great idea, simple but the result is so nice. Thanks for sharing.
Also, it’s so sweet that you did personalized presents for bridesmaids.


I HEART these! What a fabulous idea ;) I may have to do the same! Can i ask where you found some of those earrings, stunning and unique!!! ~V

ellie at mint

vaneesha — if you can believe it, the earrings were from belks (and most of them were on the sale rack… shhh)

Jodie Hickman

These are lovely gifts. I will have to keep this in my wedding file for my daughter who is 21. No wedding any time soon. I am just planning a lot of DIY, even making the wedding gown.

Suzanne in TX

How can something so simple add so much? That is such a great idea–thanks for sharing. Hope to see you over at my blog one of these days…


So cute! I got earrings for my bridesmaids and I just may have to do this!


Wow – beautiful! I’m not getting married, but I’m going to steal this idea for things like office secret santa, etc.