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diy idea: maya’s twinkle board

by Grace Bonney

inspired by karyn’s twinkle blackboard, d*s reader maya lee created this beautiful wooden panel. aya decided to use a large panel of wood, instead of a chalkboard, and drilled in holes and inserted lights to spell the word “delight”, inspired by an essay from milton glaser. great work, maya!

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What You’ll Need:

-wooden board
-christmas lights

Here were my steps:

1. Gathered my materials, including the large wood panel which was originally part of a clothing store visual display. Recognizing the quality and potential, my brother luckily intercepted it for me, otherwise it would have just gone into the dumpster. I borrowed a drill from a friend and ordered the Christmas lights online (take advantage of the discounts during this off season!)


2. Choosing the word: “Delight” came about after reading Milton Glaser’s “Since Then” essay in which he discusses Roman literary critic Horace’s definition of Art –“The role of art is to inform and delight”. He goes on to say, “Form and light are hidden in that definition. It’s an idea I enthusiastically embrace. Of course, informing is different than persuading. When one is informed, one is strengthened. Persuasion does not guarantee the same result. Delight is the non-quantifiable part of the definition that speaks to the role of beauty.”


3. Choosing the typeface: One of my favorite typefaces, Archer. It’s just lovely in my opinion.


4. I scaled “delight” on the computer and printed it out at actual size, which required tiling. Secured the print out to the board and penciled in where each hole would be drilled. Very tedious, but worth it. Before drilling, make sure to measure whatever type of bulb you choose and use the respective drill nail to ensure proper fit. Proceeded to drill.

5. Starting from one end of my string of Christmas lights (not the end with the plug obviously), I Inserted each bulb through a hole in the back of the board. I found that, in my case, the bulbs fit through the holes and were very snug, so I didn’t have to use additional materials to secure the lights but in some cases, you might need to.


6. Plug it in. Ta-da!


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