interior design

CY design

by Grace Bonney

ac went to nyu for theater so it seems like every other day that he’s pointing at the tv screen and saying “i went to school with that guy!” but i rarely point to something and say “i went to school with her!” but today that’s changed because i get to be excited about a former classmate of mine doing something fantastic!

christina yorkston founded cy design in 2008 after working for deborah berke and partners architects and katherine berry. in addition to studying interior design at parsons and fit, she also studied journalism and art history at nyu– where we first met! christina was always one of the most stylish, sophisticated people i knew and i’m so glad to see that after all these years she’s turned her love of art and design into a budding interior design career.

christina’s interiors combine a minimalist, modern edge with a more traditional sense of interior design. i love the way she gives rooms enough open space to breathe and isn’t afraid to play with bold or larger-scale pieces of furniture that stand on their own. while i’m personally prone to add a bit more clutter to my own spaces, it’s refreshing to see clean, sophisticated spaces from someone i always knew was going to be great at whatever she did. christina is currently based in philadelphia, but you can click here to view her website and contact her about design services. [photographs by jessica klewicki]

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