copenhagen chronicles: jobs handtryck

[this post is the third in a series of guest posts we’ll be sharing from our summer correspondent in copenhagen, brittany watson]

I just returned from a textile blitz/inspiration-overload tour to Sweden and Finland with my classmates and I’m a bit tuckered out. I think we literally hit every design-y type place in Stockholm and Helsinki, much to my delight (but definitely to the chagrin of my poor walking sandals. R.I.P yellow gladiator jellies.)

One of the highlights of the trip was the Jobs Handtryck workshop in Västanvik, Sweden. Jobs is a family-owned and operated company of beautiful hand-painted textiles since 1944. Think bright oversized florals, charming characters with a dash of funk. The workshop sits on the family property, home to quaint red cottages distinctive of the region.

I was enchanted by the use of their fabrics in the workshop itself. The walls have been draped with floor-to-ceiling samples and lighting has been created with simple wire fixtures covered with a simple small-scaled pattern. Even the newspaper rack and seats are covered in their designs. Entirely charming right? And if that weren’t enough, the outlet store sits right outside. Yes, I’ll take one order of slippers, a side order of dinner trays, and a helping of aprons please.

until next week!

CLICK HERE for the rest of brittany’s pictures of the jobs handtryck studio after the jump!



I was literally just there a few weeks ago, and bought the most divine fabric, throw pillow, and serving tray! The handcrafted designs are so timeless and modern at the same time. And the people were so passionate and friendly about the work! Thanks for sharing!


Oh my god… that hanging lamp with the white fabric! A possible DIY?? Want. It.

That workshop is so fascinating! Thanks for sacrificing your yellow shoes to bring this to us!


GORGEOUS! How do they get all those weathered boards over there? The summer houses on Style Files have em, too…I bet they’re soft as corduroy.

Alice Lam

Brittany, when I visit Copenhagen, et al., will you be my personal tour guide?

P.S. Rest in pieces, yellow shoes. You did a fine job.


Great post! I’m absolutely drooling over those silk screened chairs!


Hello! I am planning a trip to this part of the world and am a textile designer myself…I am wondering if you may have a complete list of the places that you went for your textile inspired blitz/tour??


I’m getting misty…I was an American nanny for my textile teacher Eva Jobs in 1971. She had two small children. I lived there. I haven’t returned in 38 years but here are your charming photos to revive my memories! Now that I have been a teacher for 35 years(and Textile Design at that) it is time to return. Thank-you.